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Fun Saturday and a fun night at Harvey’s Comedy club

Okay today has been a fun Saturday. I woke up on my couch seems I got home last night when I got home  fell asleep on my couch, guess I was more tired than I thought. Any way I woke up still in my dress and full makeup with my wig on the floor next to the couch. Now normally I do not dress and stay at home. If I am Susan I want to go out someplace plus being at hoe I am always worried someone might stop by unexpected and yes I do have family close that do have keys to my house. But somet5hing today made me want to be Susan all day. now my makeup wasn’t good enough to go out but with a little touchup it would do for a day at home. Besides my plan for the day was to put up and decorate my Christmas tree and house.

So here I was in my dress heels and long nails as I got out my tree and started to set it up. I left my front curtain open so I could keep a watch out incase someone came by. I figured there was less of a chance of someone looking in from the outside and seeing me verses someone stopping by and catching me off guard. It was a fun day just doing normal things around the house as Susan. I finished up about 3 and then just sat around for an hour watching TV till it was time to start getting Susan ready for a night out at Harvey’s.

Now it did take a little longer getting ready as I had to remove all of my makeup from yesterday which took a little longer. I was all ready by 6 pm. Now before I left I had to get a picture and decided what better Susan puts up her Christmas tree (1)than next to my Christmas tree. Now normally I ma really careful on pictures I take at home as not to show to much incase someone might recognize it, I usually crop out all but myself from the picture but today I really wanted to show my Christmas tree so you get a little glimpse of my home.

I left and went to Downtown Portland to Fox & Hounds as some of us meet there early before we go to Harvey’s. I got there at 6:30 and Laura and her friend Lisa were already there. We got some drinks and then went over and sat a a table and talked. Camilla showed up, I have met her a few times before and she had two other girls with her. They joined us for a while.

Sandy also showed up for a little while, she was in town and had spent the day out shopping. It was great to see her again as she doesn’t get to Portland that often. She is really nice and we had a chance to talk and catch up. Over the last few years I have made some really good friends, some have moved away and others I met when they came here to visit but even though we don’t see each other that often they are still good Susan puts up her Christmas tree (2)friends and a part of my life and anytime I can visit with them is special. Rebecca also was out tonight, she was on a date but came over and talked with us a little also. It is funny as half the girls that were at Fox & Hounds were not going to Harvey’s they were just out for a night out. this is really wonderful that we are able to just go out and have fun on our own without feeling we have to be in a big group.

Barb, Samantha and her fried Kera showed up also they are going to Harvey’s with us. It was about 8:30 when we left for Harvey’s, there were 6 of us that made the 6 block walk to Harvey’s. now it wasn’t really cold but it was raining pretty good so of course I had my pink umbrella, Yes I have a his and hers umbrella in my car, Black for my male self and bright pink for Susan.

We got to Harvey’s and Cristine was there already. Now Laura and I went to the bar and got to talk with Star for a while as we were early and she was not busy at the bar. It was nice to talk with her but it wasn’t long and other people came in and she had to go back to work as they all wanted drinks.

Sophie and Dee also showed up so we had 9 for tonight’s show. Kim our favorite waitress came out and talked to us for a little while and of course she had a hug for each of us. While I was walking through the bar a young lady stopped me and told how beautiful my dress was, something I always love to hear as I really do want to look my best as Susan. By the way the dress in the above picture is what I wore tonight.

Well it was time to go in to the showroom, Kim had our table already for us. we all ordered and visited a little as we waited for the show to start, it was a smaller crowd tonight. The show started and as always it was really good. All 3 of the comedian’s were wonderful and we all laughed. This really is one of our more fun nights out as we get to interact with the general public and I think this really helps other people see us as just regular people who may dress a little different then they do.

After the show we got a chance to talk with Kim a little more, she is thinking of joining us out on a Wednesday night, I will have to make sure I make it out that night, Hopefully it wont be the next couple weeks as I will not be able to make it out during the week probably till after Christmas.

Well after the show several of us had to walk back to Fox & Hounds as we had parked down there. It was still raining but not as hard. It really was a fun night out in every aspect. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.


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