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Friday is here and I am ready to let Susan out for some fun.

Okay before my blog I am going to give 2 political talking points so if you want you can skip to the next paragraph. First our government is so polarized and can’t work together and all the citizens say this, Democrats blame Republicans and Republicans blame Democrats. What I have seen on Facebook lately on both sides are people doing the same and if we the citizens do this and act this way then why should we be surprised or mad that our elected officials do the same thing. If we want a working government we need to set the example for our leaders and again I don’t care which side you are on. I will start, I am not a fan of Obama, I think his foreign policy is horrible and I do not care for him on a personal side. I may speak out against some of the things he does but I always respect the office he holds and if I met him I would treat him with the respect his office deserves. I would never wish bad things to happen to him. if we want to solve our countries problems it starts with each and every one of us so what I am asking is please think before you post something to your Facebook. for those of you on both sides who said you would move to another country f the other party wins you will not be missed, if that is how little your country means to you fine be spoiled little children who takes your ball and goes home if you don’t get your way as that is not how democracy works. we all know though you don’t mean it which also means most of what you post means just as little.

As for bringing in refugees from the middle east, this is bad on so many levels. The radical Islamic terrorist have said they will sneak people in with the refugees, they have done this in France and many other countries already. I feel bad for them but our country and the safety of its people must come first, my family and yours. these that support brining them in are the same people who said we should not be engaging in wars over there when they were being killed, they thought America should not spend tax payer money fighting a war over there to help them, we should not risk the lives of one US troop fighting over there but now they feel we should spend tax payer money to help them and risk the lives of our citizens to bring them here, makes no sense. you can call me heartless for not helping them but my goal is to keep our country safe and you alive so you can say those things about me and I will defend your right to say that about me. I am proud to be an American and I will never turn my back on my country and hope you will do the same. Now we return to our normal Friday night out.

it has been a long week and I was really looking forward to tonight and some Susan time. My time as Susan is so calming, relaxing and peaceful and helps keep me happy, it is also part of who I am and makes me the person I am in boy mode also. there s always part of Susan in me even if Susan 11-20-2015 (1)she is not visible. Now I know some people must wonder why I would do this, why I would spend the time to et ready and look like this to go spend a few hours at a bar and all I can say is it makes me happy. I have said this many times it is not about where I go but just that I am out doing normal things that any other woman might do and of course the people I am with.

I did my eyes a little different still a Smokey eye look but with more browns than blacks. I also did my lips a little different as I lined mostly inside my lip lines instead of just outside them so they look just a little smaller. I rally love playing with makeup and trying different looks even subtle changes can have an effect. I was ready to leave by 6:15 and on my way.

I got to Sweethome about 6:40 and was able to park close so I didn’t take my wrap with me as it wasn’t that clod out. Chris was inside as always but it was kind of slow tonight. Well I broke out my computer and caught up on some things I needed to do. Of course I ordered dinner as they had their New York Steak dinner special.

Susan 11-20-2015 (2)Michele showed up which was nice as she was wearing her new wig she got last Saturday. it is good to see her getting out more again. we talked for a bit while I finished up the things I needed to get done on my computer. Yes even some work is more fun when I am Susan. Roxy also showed up which was nice. she has been getting out almost every Friday at least for an hour or two. Robyn also made it tonight as she is in town. It has been a long time since I have seen her. it was nice to talk with her and find out what was new. it really is amazing as we really are like one big family because even when you haven’t seen someone for a long time you pick right up with them and it is like they have been there all along. Dee also made it tonight so we had 6 of us.

It was time for Karaoke and tonight Jen was filling in as Craig was gone, actually the whole other group was gone tonight as they had one of their Pirate weekends, I am looking forward to seeing some of the pictures of this on their Facebook pages. Even though they were gone tonight the bar was pretty busy as there were to small birthday parties going on here tonight. as a matter of fact there were a lot of people here I have not seen before and a few that have not been here for a while.

well there was also a couple young girls on the other side of the bar and every once in a while I would notice them look at me and I always wonder what they are thinking. well finally they came over and told me how pretty I was and how they had been admire ring my lips as they were perfect so I guess the way I did my lips tonight was good. we talked for a bit and they were really nice and made such a cute couple. now even though there were still a lot of people here very few sang Karaoke so those who did sing got to sing more often, I think Chris sand 5 times tonight.

It was a fun night and before I new it, it was almost midnight so it was time to call it a night. It really was fun. I hope to get out this week as next weekend is Thanksgiving weekend and I will not be able to get out.

Have a great day and for those who celebrate Thanksgiving have a wonderful day and know what I am most thankful for in life is all of you.



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