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Shopping and Starbuck’s a fun little outing.

Okay I got to go out on a Tuesday night. I just wanted to dress up and go out and do a little shopping, and it was not Susan shopping. No clothes, or makeup it really was more shopping that probably would have been easier as my male self. You see I am looking for a new TV as mine is really old and small and I want a new HD flat screen TV. I have kind of been looking online to see what is out there but now I want to go and look at them in person and I figured why not as Susan. Okay going to ad a few pictures from tonight of what I wore.100_2906 (2)

I got all dressed up and was ready to leave a little before 5 so I drove to Cascade Station by the airport as they have a Best By and I figured that would be a good place to start. I got there a little after 5 and decided to start by getting something to eat so I went to the Panda Express in the shopping complex, I have gone here before as Susan. I went in and ordered some food and sat there and ate it just like everyone else here. When I finished eating I walked over to Staples which was just across the parking lot and went in as I needed a few supplies. A really helpful young man came over to see if I needed help and I really knew what I needed but I asked him a few questions anyway and he was very helpful answering my question. It was more having the interaction with him than anything. He really didn’t seem the least bit uncomfortable with me which was nice. I got a couple of the things I20151110_204650 needed and went to the checkout and bought them. Now it was onto my next stop which is at the far end of the complex so I went back to my car and drove down there.

I walked into Best Buy and figured I would check out their computers first just to see what is new. I looked around for a little bit and a couple of the sales people asked if I had any questions or needed any help and I said no. It was fun just being out. Now I was kind of leaning towards a Samsung 48” TV I had seen online for $489 so headed over to the TV section, wow you cannot believe how many different TV’s they have. Another young man came over and asked if I had any questions which I did so I 20151110_204607started asking them. He answered all of them and showed me several TV’s all between $500 and $700 and it was amazing as some of the smaller ones were more expensive than the bigger ones probably because of the names.

We finally got to the Samsung TV I was looking at online and it was really nice and I figured this will be the one I buy. Well just a little ways down they had a Toshiba which I also like as a brand as I have a DVD player by them and one of my old TV’s is a Toshiba and they work really good so I asked him about this one. Turns out it is a 55” TV and the specs are the same as the Samsung but this one is on an early Black Friday sale today for $349. I just couldn’t20151110_204628 pass it up so I bought it along with a HDMI cable so I can hook up my laptop to it and have a 55” screen. After I paid for it he called someone to take it out to my car for me which I am sure with something this big they do for everyone. Now it was too big to fit in my trunk but we managed to get it in the back seat but it went from one side of the car to the other and I was barely able to get my doors shut. It was about 6:45 so as I was leaving I went by the Starbucks here and there was a few parking spots right in front where I could keep an eye on my car so I decided to stop for a hot chocolate and to spend a little time on my computer. It was a hard choice, go home and set up my new TV or spend a little more time out as Susan, Guess which won.

So I am sitting here by the window where I can watch my car and playing on my computer. I am guessing by the time I get home it will be too late to set up my TV so I will do it tomorrow when I get home from work.

Now I am sitting here in Starbucks and guess what, they are playing Christmas music. Now it is a little early for that and I know some people will think that is wrong but guess what? I love Christmas music so I am fine with it. It was fun few hours out as Susan, plus it has been a while since I have gone out to Starbuck’s

Thanks for reading

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  1. Thanks for sharing your outing, once you get your TV hooked up you’ll think you should have bought one sooner. When you were out for this outing, how do you dress? I know you usually wear a dress on your Friday or Saturday night outings, but I’m curious what you woretonight. I’m a dress girl, but I’m trying to learn what is best for a girl like us.

    Comment by Stacy | November 10, 2015 | Reply

    • Hi Stacy,

      Thanks for reading and your comment. I took a few pictures when I got home tonight and added them into my blog. I try to dress how other woman would dress where I am going. The best advice s to check out the place you want to go and see how woman are dressing there and tr to match it. tonight wore yoga pants, a cute top, with a wrap and my boots. hope this helps

      Comment by susanmiller64 | November 10, 2015 | Reply

  2. Hi Susan, Glad you enjoyed your shopping. Always best to do it as Susan if you can and get the whole experience with the staff. Wow what a price 55″ for $349, that’s not much more than £230……….. not sure we can get anything like that over here. Just out of interest could you tell us what model? Hugs TinaCortina xx

    Comment by TinaCortina | November 11, 2015 | Reply

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