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Harvey’s comedy club on Saturday night.

Well it is Saturday and we are going to Harvey’s Comedy Club tonight, I have been looking forward to this for weeks as I bought a pretty new dress just for tonight. Still amazes me that as Susan I can get so excited about a new dress 20151107_202935where on my male side I look at clothes as nothing more than clothes. Now I started getting ready at 4 as I wanted to take my time so I looked really pretty in my new dress. It took 2 hours but it was so worth it, I was ready and on my way by 6 PM. This is my new dress.

Now we have a pretty good group going tonight, 14 of us so it should be fun plus one of our new Members Nicole who I actually met back in February of 2014 when I was out shopping one day. she had contacted me on Facebook as she saw I was going out shopping and wanted to meet to talk of course she was in male mode that day so this will be the first time I have met her as Nicole.

I left home and got downtown Portland about 6:20 and parked and walked over to Fox & Hound. I was the first of our group to get there so I sat at the bar and got a drink and watched Family Feud on the TV20151107_184423 with a couple other guys sitting at the bar. Okay one more selfie close up.

Cassandra showed up just before 7 so I was there maybe 30 minutes by myself which a few years back would have scared me but not it really doesn’t bother me as I have said I have become comfortable as Susan. we talked for a bit as we waited for others to show up, we did have a couple drop out tonight probably because if the weather.

Mikaela showed up with her Sister in-law Kayla. It was awesome to see her again as she doesn’t get out much as she has moved away from Portland. She is a lot of fun and I really enjoy spending time with her. She reminds me of me 8 years ago always taking pictures so when she is around I think about it and get more pictures of myself of course tonight with my new 20151107_203253dress I would have remembered to get a few pictures but I got way more as I had to get a few with her.

Well not that there were 4 of us we moved over to some tables so we could sit down and talk while we waited to see if anyone else would show up early. Barb showed up next so we were up to 5. Of course we needed a group Picture so Kayla took a few pictures of the four of us. This is20151107_195333 Cassandra, Barb, Mikaela and me from Left to right. Don’t we look like one big happy family.

Nicole showed up and it was good to see her again although she did look different from when I saw her last time. It is amazing how a little makeup, long hair and a pretty dress can change how you look and feel. Now it turns out this is her first really outing as Nicole other than a couple quick trips to the store and she seemed to be handling it really well. I remember my first times out, I could hardly talk just sat there trying to look pretty and stay calm. it really is a hard thing the first few times you go out but it is so worth it as it really does get easier over time.

It was about 8:20 when the 6 of us left and walked the 7 blocks to Harvey’s. it was a little cold out tonight but at least it didn’t ran although we all had our umbrella’s as rain  does not go well with being a girl. We got t Harvey’s and Cristine was already there.

Well we sat down and I got a good chance to talk with Nicole and learn more about her. Turns out her wife knows and is okay with it, even her kids now and are fine with it so she is a lucky girl. Of course being her first time out we had to get pictures of her so she can remember tonight. It is always fun t go back and look at pictures to see your journey and how you progress over time. I really do enjoy meeting new people especially ones I have chatted with on Facebook.

Well it started to get busy here as more and more people came in, it looks like they will have a full house tonight. Sophie and Lorna showed up and so did Cassie so almost everyone was there. Lorna joined Nicole and me at our table and the 3 of us talked till the show started. It was almost time to go in when Laura and her friend showed up so all 12 of us were there. The doors opened and everyone went in and we just sat and waited as we had our table reserved as always. one of the advantages of coming every month. Harvey’s has always treated us awesome from the owner to all the staff. If you come to Portland and want to see good comedy you must check out Harvey’s.

We got inside and Kim our favorite waitress was there waiting for us. She is so awesome and takes really good care of us. Cassandra no more than sat down and she had her dinner, seems she had texted Kim what she wanted, pretty smart. Kim took our orders and then the show started.

The show was good as always and all 3 of the comedians were good. It is amazing how fast the night went by as it always does. This really is a fun night and one of the most fun things we do every month. it is hard to believe we have been coming here for over 5 years. I think Nicole enjoyed it but I also think there were times it was a little overwhelming for her with all the people there as it was a sold out show.

Now the fun part of the night was at the end of the show the comedian invited one of the ladies from the crowd up on stage as it was her birthday, she is friends with Star our favorite bar tender here. Well he joked with her for a moment till she said she had a boyfriend so the comedian had the boyfriend come up on stage and it took a little encouraging to get him up there. Well once he was up there he gave the mic to him and left the stage well if you haven’t guessed it he got down on one knee and purposed to her there on stage in front of everyone. If you are wondering she accepted, it was really fun to be there 20151107_203256for this.

After the show we talked with Kim for a while, she is thinking of going out to dinner with us on a Wednesday night which would be fun. well we all left. Now it wasn’t raining but it was colder out. The one bad thing about being a girl is the stuff you wear is not really warm, Dresses and open toed shoes. yes I could have worn something warmer but it was more about being cute than warm.  Cassandra, Cristine, Nicole and I walked back over to Fox & Hound where we had parked. It really was a fun night out and such a pleasure meeting Nicole. We said our goodbyes and left for home. I really hope Nicole can get back to Portland again and go out with the group again.

Thanks for reading.



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