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First Friday night of November.

It has been another busy week and I was really looking forward to Friday so Susan could get out. Now I did try a different hair look tonight. I actually 20151106_180300bought this hair many 2 years ago but thought it was to dark but tonight I decided to try it and see. I always wonder if darker hair makes my face look more harsh plus I am not use to bangs.

Now I started getting ready a little after 4 as I really wanted to take my time tonight and enjoy the whole experience of becoming Susan. Even though I have been dressing as Susan at least twice a week for 7 years so I have dressed as Susan probably 700 times in the last 7 years. I was actually looking at my blog today and this will be my 767 blog post, hard to believe. Thanks to everyone who have read one of them or who follow me and my blog.

I was already by 5:40 and of course I took a few selfies to show of my new hair. Now as we are getting into winter and have set our clocks back to standard time it actually gets dark outside by a little after 5 which is taking20151106_180307 some getting use to. it is funny as years ago I loved this time of year as I would never leave my house till it got dark which during the summer would mean there were some night I wouldn’t leave home till after 10 PM, wow how times have changed as I go out all the time during the day now. I am so happy I have accepted and embraced this part of me.

Now don’t get me wrong I still worry about people finding out as I could loose family and friends and of course I still have to work for a living and it could make it hard where I work. I really think it is easier for people to understand someone who is transitioning to the other sex than someone who just wants to live part of their of their lives as the opposite sex. now I am not saying one is better or worse than the other or has an easier time its just we are on a different path or journey in our lives and we will have different obstacles to face but the good part is the whole transgender community is one big family and that support has helped us all make progress.

I got to Sweethome at 6 and went in, Chris was there playing pool. of course we 20151106_180314both had our computers so I ordered dinner as they have a New York Steak special tonight and then caught up on some work. a few other girls showed up including Roxy and Rachael. It was good to see Rachael again and see her getting out. I really do have some wonderful friends.

Now we have such a great group and go out all the time and we are mixing it up on Wednesday night and trying different places for dinner, and I do go out shopping but I was thinking it might be fun to see about doing some other things like movies or other dinners out on different nights and these could be bigger or smaller groups. I just think it would be fun to do more spur of the moment things as that is more how normal life goes although I do understand it is not as easy as calling up a friends and saying meet me in 20 minutes as it does take time to get ready. It would be fun to just decide to go t a movie and be able to get together with someone that night.

It was a fun night, Karaoke started and of course Chris sang. it was fun to listen to the songs and talking with my friends. It really does help keep Susan a normal part of my life. Mow tomorrow night our group is going to Harvey’s Comedy club and this is always a fun Saturday night out. I have a new dress I bought several weeks ago just for this and it has been hard not to wear it. I am so looking forward to it and of course I will get some pictures.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.


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