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Last Friday of October, the day before Halloween.

Well it is the day before Halloween. It is funny how this holiday has changed for me over the years, don’t get me wrong I still love it but it doesn’t hold the same excitement it did fir me years ago. You see before I accepted Susan and who I am my time as Susan was a late night drive, I wouldn’t even leave my house till 10:30 or 11 pm and I would drive around and see if people in other cars were looking at me and then I would top off my night out with a trip through Burger kings drive through if I was feeling really confident. now Halloween was my night as the Friday and Saturday closest to Halloween I always new there would be costume parties so I would go out again late at night but on these nights I would find some convenience stores and they were nice as the counter was always by the windows so you could see the employee working and I would always try to find one with a female working and I would stop and run in and buy something just so I could see how they responded to me. of course they always took it as a costume which made it easier, but I loved Halloween as I could get out as myself and have interaction with a few people. Now Halloween is a day to dress up in a costume not just as a girl and go out and have fun and I have had a few good costumes over the years. Here are a few from the last few years.

15074539424_2ecfc72293_o Susan Millers Halloween costume 2010 6296146337_fab68e9ba7_o 15694482175_4b533653e7_o

Now incase you didn’t know I love Wonder Woman and this is the only costume I have worn several times, It was my first female costume I ever bought and if I do get to go out this year for Halloween it is the costume I will wear again as I didn’t get a costume this year as I didn’t think I would get out but now I am thinking of going out early since I can only stay out till maybe 9 at the latest. it is funny as being a girl was my costume for so many years and not it is a  normal part of my life.

I started getting ready early as I got off work early and wanted to go out. the other thing was wanted to try something new. Last week one of the girls brought in some false eyelashes she didn’t want so I got some as I have always wanted to try them. now I had always planned on going to Nordstrom’s and getting them so they could show me how to do them but I have never gotten around to it so I figured this was a good chance to try them. Now I am not sure if you put them on before your eye make up or after but I did mine after. Now I did have a little trouble getting one corner to stick and yes I had to redo one eye twice and the other 3 times before I was okay with the way they looked, still not perfect but for my first try it will do. any tips you girls have on false eye lashes would be helpful as this is totally new to me. any way here are a few close ups so you can see my first attempts.

Susan with dark hair (6) Susan with dark hair (7)Susan with dark hair (8)

It is so much fun to play with makeup and try different looks and see how you can change your look, sometimes it turns out really well and others not so good but with practice you get better. tonight I really liked the way my lips turned out and since I have posted several pictures of my eyes I thought why not my lips as this is my blog.

Susan with dark hair (8) - Copy Susan with dark hair (6) - Copy Susan with dark hair (7) - Copy

Yes I went a little picture happy tonight. Well I was already by 5:30 and on my way but before I left I had to take a few selfies to show the whole makeup look.

Susan with dark hair (1)Susan with dark hair (2)

In some ways I really like the dark hair but at certain angles I think it makes my face look harsh. downwards angles look best.

Susan with dark hair (5)Susan with dark hair (3)

I got to Sweet home at 6 and there were several people there including Chris who was playing pool, no one in costume yet though. I got out my computer and caught up on some e-mails and other things including going into a chat room for a little while. It is nice that we can take our computers with us now as you can go someplace and if you are by yourself you are not just sitting there you have something to do. I ordered dinner and had a wonderful time. other girls from our group started to show up, Cristine was first and she had her pirates costume on and looked great, Dee and Roxy also shoed up. it was going to be a fun night. Dee and I talked for a while, it was a good time.

I went to the bar to get a drink and Meagan was sitting there having a drink. she is a GG that use to come to the bar and I got to know but she moved further away and hasn’t been here in over a year..She is going to college and will finish this spring. I stood and talked with her for a while to find out what was new with her. It was nice to see her again and talk with her, I should have thought to get a picture with her.

A girl came over and asked if she could join us, while she waited for her boyfriend to show up and I said sure we talked for a while and for the life of me I can’t remember her name. she wanted some pictures with us and of course you know me I can’t turn down a photo opportunity . I of course had to get a couple pictures with her.

Susan with dark hair (9)Susan with dark hair (10)Susan with dark hair (11)

The last one I am not as happy with the way I look but she really liked that one as she had taken her glasses off so I figured I would post all of them. It was getting later and the other group started to show up and they were all in costumes and they really looked great, some of the costumes were awesome. I have come to know so many of them and are friends on Facebook with many of them. Susan really does have a great life and many friends. Heather, Mareinna, Dawni, Shryl, Craig, Alexis, Angela, Rachel, and Daniel and several other I know casually.

Karaoke started and there were so many people here now that the list to sing was long. Chris only got to sing once tonight. They did something call Scarryaoke which if you want to participate you draw a random song out of a bowl and that is what you sing and a lot of them did that. it was a fun night and even Raven and Monica showed up for a while. it was a wonderful night out and as always it must come to an end. it was about 11:40 when I paid my bill and left.

Now on my way home I was thinking about when I use to go out on Halloween and go into convenience stores, it is funny the things you think about. Any way I needed milk so I decided to stop and not at a a convenience store and get some milk. Now I know what you are all saying I go out all the time as Susan and go shopping as Susan so what is the big deal. Well I stopped at a store just a block from where I live, the one I shop at all the time when I am not Susan and tonight I am all dressed up in a pretty dress and 4” heels. I went in and walked to the back and got my milk and went to the check stand. the lady working was dressed as a Nun and I have gone through her line many times as my male self including yesterday. I am not sure if she recognized me or not but I paid for my mile and went home. it will be interesting the next time I see her.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a fun, safe and happy Halloween.


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  1. Hi Susan, I really like the color of your lipstick. Do you mind sharing who the maker or manufacturer is, and the color name or shade it is called? Perhaps it has an ID number as some do. Does it come off easy? Thanks, Stacy

    Comment by Stacy | November 1, 2015 | Reply

    • It is Loreal Infallible le rouge, color is refined ruby (# I used a Mac lip liner in trust in red underneath (usually use Revlon colorstay lip liner in red but ran out). I line and color them in with the lip liner and then put on the lipstick, let it set for a few minutes and then blot. Wait a few minutes and then reapply the lipstick. Stays on really well unless you eat something greasy or oily. Evan soap and water doesn’t take it off very easy. I use a little olive oil and it takes it right off and then I wash with soap on a wash cloth to get the olive oil off and just the last little traces of red. I find doing this it takes all the ) color off and no one can tell.
      Thank for the comment Stacy, have a great day

      Comment by susanmiller64 | November 1, 2015 | Reply

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