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A fun and relaxing evening at the Escape Bar and Grill

Well I got the stuff I needed to do today done early so I decided to start getting ready early and go to the Escape. This allowed me the time to enjoy the whole process of becoming Susan. It is so nice to be able to take my time becoming Susan as it is so relaxing and puts me in such a good mood.

Susan closeup (1)I was already by 5:30 and on my way. I got to the Escape by 6, this is a selfie I took of myself. I was the first one here so I got out my computer and ordered some dinner. It is funny how dependent we have become on computers or cell phone as no matter where we go we are never alone or without something to do.

Cassandra showed up shortly after I did and she also had her computer with her. She set it up in the corner and then sat down to eat with me. It was nice as we had a good chance to talk. We talked a little about the group and how it has grown so much over the years. Our group started on November 17 2007 so we will be starting our 9th year in just a couple weeks and we have 316 member. it is amazing how active our group is as with Football Season going on now we have girls going out Monday and Thursday to watch football, Wednesday for dinner and pool, Friday and Saturday night for pool and Karaoke. Really the only night we don’t have something going on is Tuesday night. We talked about how to get more girls out and other possible things to do and if there is a better way to managed the group. The one thing we all agree on is the group is all about getting T-girls to be able to come out and to support them in getting out. That is so important. I think back to my first few times out and the help I got and if it had not been for Alice, Cassandra and Linda helping me I would not be where I am today. We all have these people in our lives that made such a huge impactSusan closeup (2) on our lives.

Well other girls started to show up, Debbie one of our newer members, Cristine, Jan, Lynn, Jamie, Kristine, Michelle, and Laura. I got a chance to talk with Debbie for a while. She came here to work for a few years and has been coming out now. Her wife is still back home and at Christmas she will go visit her and then after the first of the year she will move out here also, so hopefully she will come out with the group also as she knows about Debbie.

It was about 9 and Dana and Jill showed up. Dana had gone to Victoria’s Over the Rainbow for a makeover and Jill also got a makeover. Jill was pretty excited about her makeover. Now I have never gone to Victoria’s for a makeover but I have done it a couple times at Macy’s and it was a blast. I really think for me it was more about being in the cosmetic section like any other woman then the makeover. Now if you need help with makeup or want a makeover in a safe and comfortable place then I would recommend Victoria as she really does a wonderful job.

Dana, Jill, Dee, Cassandra and I all sat at one table and talked for a while. It was funny as Jill wanted some pictures in her outfit which was awesome by the way and she had on these really cute heels so I took some pictures for her and Susan, Jill & Deeof course I had to get one with me in it. this is Me, Jill and Dee, We had 12 of us here tonight so we had a good turnout.

We talked about next Saturday which is Halloween and a lot of the girls from the group are going to the Escape and are all excited about it. Now I have to work early Sunday so I wasn’t planning on going but I just realized the next week we set our clocks back so we get an extra hour of sleep so I may go for a little bit so I can see everyone’s costume. The only bad thing is I haven’t got a new costume so I will either have to wear one I already have or try to come up with a costume this week. the other issue is I bought a lot of candy to give out to the trick or treaters and I have been good about not eating any of the candy. If I don’t give it out I will probably eat it.

Susan closeup (3)Karaoke started and several of our group sang, Dee, Laura, Lynn and even Jamie and Kristine did a duet. It was a fun night. Cassandra had to leave early but the rest of us stayed and had fun. It was almost 11:30 when  I called it a night. it was a great night and I had a blast.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.


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