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Friday evening and time for some relaxing Susan time

It has been a long and busy week and I have worked late every day so I was really looking forward to the weekend and some relaxing time as Susan. It is amazing how much I need my Susan time as she really is a big part of my life and who I am. I really think the Susan side of me is the part that keeps my life on an eve keel, she is what brings balance to my life. any way as I said I have been working late all week and today was no exception. I got home and pulled into my drive at 5:35 so it would be a rush to get ready.

It was straight into the shower and then to start getting ready. Now sometimes I have t rush to get ready which I don’t like to do as the getting ready is almost as fun as the time I spend as Susan and it is probably the most relaxing part of being Susan. Now over the last few years I have gotten a lot better doing my makeup and yes that does mean faster also. the key to getting ready faster is to know just how you want to do your makeup and how you want it to look and what dress, shoes and hair you are planning on wearing. usually I never wear what I originally planned on unless it is a new dress I have bought. I I usually make minor changes to my makeup depending on how things are going or what I decide to wear, even sometimes how my makeup comes out might influence my dress or hair for the night. Boy being a girl takes a lot of work and thought. Well as I said I went with my first decision on makeup and what is was wearing so things went a lot smoother and I think I looked pretty good. I was already to go and in my car pulling out of my garage at 6:30.

I got to Sweet home just before 7 and parked, now as I was getting ready to get out of the car I got a call from my brother so I sat in the car and talked to him for maybe 10 minutes. It is funny as I have talked with him and other friends and family on the phone when I have been Susan and I always wonder what they would think if they could see me through the phone. I am sure some of them would be supportive or wouldn’t care but it always comes back to one simple fact. Susan is just a part of who I am be it a big part and I still believe that other people do not need to know every part of your life. they need to know the parts that effect them. in other words if Susan is not going to go out with them or meet them than they really don’t need to know just like other things in my life. I don’t talk about golf or baseball to my friends who don’t like follow golf or baseball, just my thoughts on this. everyone has to decide for themselves who they tell and when.

I got inside and Cassandra, Chris and Roxy were there already and of course Chris and Cassandra both had their computers out so I broke out my computer also. Well I ordered dinner as I have not eaten since noon and I was hungry and then I caught up on my e-mails and a few other things online. Dinner came and I put away my computer so I could eat.

Cristine and Karen showed up. It was good to see them again. Karen is getting out a lot more now since she moved to the Portland area and that is great. Her wife was out of town so couldn’t come with her. I got to talk with Karen a little which was nice and I took a few pictures of her as her wife wanted to see what Karen & Susanshe wore, how awesome is that. of course I also had to get a picture of the two of us together so here is a little selfy close-up, look at our beautiful smiles and see how happy we are just being ourselves. It truly is a wonderful feeling when you finally accept who you are, all of who you are and say this is me and I am okay with being me. Life is so much better then. what a wonderful world we would have if everyone could just accept themselves and others as they are and not how we think they should be or want them to be.

Well we watched the end of the Baseball game. Royals against the Blue Jays and The Royals won so they will face the Mets in the World Series. Okay I guess I did mention baseball with friends that may not like baseball but it was only because that is what I did tonight as Susan.

Dana also showed up tonight with her girlfriend Jill, they are in town for the weekend. It was nice to see her and meet Jill, always nice to meet a GG who is not only accepting but supportive of their Transgender boyfriends or husbands.  I got a chance to talk with them and Dana wanted me to show Jill my nails and explain how I do them. well I could do batter then that as I wrote a Dana, Jill, Cassandra & Susanblog a few years back about how I do my nails called Tips for beautiful nails. It is funny as this is why I Started my blog so I could remember my life and times as Susan, Kind of my online diary. I never imagined people would even find it let alone read it. Don’t get me wrong I really do love the fact people read it and leave comments, I have met some wonderful people through my blog and some of them have joined our group and I have met in person and am happy to call all of you my friends, my online family. This is a group picture of Dana, Lisa, Cassandra and me tonight.

It is funny talking about my blog as Dana mentioned she had been here once before 3 years ago, wow doesn’t seem like we have been coming here for 3 years. Cassandra and I couldn’t remember it and Dana said it was right before Halloween when she came to town for Cassandra’s party. She came to Sweethome the night before and I was dressed as Wonder Woman and Cassandra was also dressed up for Halloween. Cassandra said she had never came here in a costume so of course I had to check with my blog and sure enough Dana was right it was right there in my blog Pre Halloween. Wow my blog was good for 2 things tonight.

Dana , Cassandra & SusanNow the other group showed up for Karaoke and a farewell party. One of their members is moving away. I have talked to her many times so of course I had to tell her goodbye. it is funny the people I have met here that I think of as friends. our group and their group has kind of blended over the years and I look more at us as one big group now. I look forward to seeing them as much as our group. Dawni, Mareinna, Blue, Jessica, Heather, Alexis, Shryl, Craig, Angela, Michele and so many others.

It was a good night out, Karaoke started and of course Chris sand. it is fun to listen to Karaoke as some of the songs I have heard and some I have never heard. it just makes a fun night out.

Well it got late and some of the girls left. Cassandra gave Dana and Jill a ride back to their hotel so they didn’t have to take a cab and soon I was the last of our group here. now as I said I feel comfortable here as I do know so many more people here fro the other people who come here so I got out my computer again and sent Jill the pictures I took as she asked me to send them to here. and then I checked some things online while I listened to a few more Dana & Susanpeople sing before calling it a night. it was almost midnight when I left. it was a wonderful evening with my friends.

Thanks for reading and I am happy to share this part of my life with you my family.

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