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Saturday night out at the Escape.

It is Saturday night and Susan is going out again. I am really looking forward to it as I have another new dress to wear plus I want to recreate the Smokey eye look I did last night as it turned out so well. Here are a couple pictures of it tonight. I started getting ready at 5 as I worked all day cleaning my roof and Smokey eye look tonight (1)gutters. I finished right at 5 and I was cold and wet so a nice warm shower and then transforming into Susan would be so much fun. Now I have to share a funny story.

So much of what we do is routine, we have routines for a lot of the things we do like getting ready. If something interrupts our routine it can mess our whole day up. My routine on Friday nights is the same when I get home. I take off my out fit and get dressed for bed, remove my nails, wipe off my lipstick, brush my teeth and then remove my makeup and then Saturday morning I get up, have breakfast, update my blog and then take a shower to make sure all traces of makeup are gone which they usually are. So Friday night I got home a little earlier thanSmokey eye look tonight (2) normal, got ready for bed, removed my nails, wiped off my lipstick but as I was getting ready to brush my teeth I remembered I needed to take my pill for being sick last week still have a couple to go and I need to eat something with it so I went downstairs and got a glass of water and a snack and took my pill and sat down at my computer. well I fell asleep. Any way I woke up a couple hours later and went up to bed. Saturday morning I got up about 10 and had breakfast and wrote my blog. It was about 11:30 when I finished and as I was going to clean my roof and gutters which would take several hours and I would get dirty so I skipped my shower and climbed out onto my roof and started cleaning. now incase you didn’t catch it other than my lipstick I forgot to take my Susan closeup (1)makeup off so I was on my roof all day with my makeup on and my eyes looking like these pictures. The neighbor man was working in his yard and we did talk a couple times but we were 40 feet apart and I was on my roof so he may not have been able to see the makeup but if he did he didn’t say anything and I am pretty sure he knows about Susan as his wife is one of the 2 neighbors that saw me and know.

Well I got ready and put on my new dress and was out the door by 6:30 and on my way. I got to the Escape right at 7 and the parking lot was full so I parked along the curb, Jan and Lynn had just arrived and were getting out of their car so we all walked in together. Cassandra was there on her computer and Laura H. was at the bar with her friend. I stopped and talked to Laura for a bit as it has been a while since I have seen her out. It was nice to catch up with her.

Susan new dress (1)Cassandra came over and we talked and of course I had her take a couple pictures of me in my new dress. Now it was time to order dinner as I have not eaten since breakfast this morning and I was hungry. There was a new girl here tonight who just happened to come to the Escape on a night we were here so I talked with her briefly, she seems nice. Hopefully we will see her out again.

I got my computer out and checked my e-mails and Facebook andSusan new dress (2) then went into the same chat room Cassandra was in for a while. I am still not real good at keeping up with the chat but it was fun for a while. By the way this is my new dress. I have one more new dress but I am saving that for Harvey’s next Month, it will be hard to wait to wear it but I will find a way.

Cristine showed up as did Laura M. and her girlfriend so we had a good turnout. Jan, Lynn, Laura M. and her girlfriend and I sat at one table and we had a good chance to talk which was nice. Teresa also showed up, it was good to see and talk with her. We sat and watched the Met’s play the Cub’s. The Met’s won and most of the people here wanted the Cub’s to win. I like both teams so I will be happy no matter which team wins. It is funny though to have a bunch of T-girls at a bar watching sports. Jamie also showed up tonight although her wife couldn’t make it.

Karaoke started and the bar got busy as the other group came in. They have some really good singers and of course some of our girls sang to and they were good also. Both Laura’s, Lynn and Jamie sang. Cassandra also talked to the bar Susan new dress (3)about Halloween and what they are doing this year as most of our group are planning on going here Halloween night. The staff is all dressing up as characters from Rocky Horror Picture Show so that will be a lot of fun and they are also having a costume contest, it should be a fun night although I most likely wont be able to make it. If I do it will be early as I wont be able to stay out late.

It was a fun night out.


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