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Wednesday night dinner with my friends

Well I have been out all day as Susan and I am not ready to go home yet. It is funny as I am so excited about my new dress and so looking forward to wearing and showing it off, now what makes this funny is there is not one piece of my male clothes that I would get excited about or be thinking about when and where I will wear it. This really is one of the things I love about being Susan, being excited about a new dress, lipstick or a manicure, how awesome is that.

Well I hung out at Barnes and Nobble at Lloyd Center till a little after 5 and then drove downtown to Fox & Hounds. I got there at 5:30 and went in and Cassandra was there on her computer in the chat room and Cassie was also there in boy mode. I had my computer so I broke it out and went online also. It wasn’t long and Cristine showed up and we sat there and talked and played online. It was getting close to 7 and Julie showed up, I was glad to see her as she is so much fun. Roxy and Chris also showed up so we had 7 for dinner tonight. We are going to House of Louie for Chinese food tonight. Its only 2 blocks away and it is a nice night for a walk.

We got to House of Louie about 7 and Michele and Jamie were there waiting for us. Dee also showed up so we had 10 of us for dinner. Julie and I were talking about the fun I have been having out as Susan shopping the last 2 day. She asked what my plans were for tomorrow and if I wanted to go golfing which really would be fun so we are going golfing. It is funny as I have known her for years and it will be the first time we meet or see each other as our boy self. Now the only sad thing is I will have to remove my beautiful red nail polish.

We had a great dinner as we always do, being out with friends is a wonderful way to spend the evening. It was about 9 when we all headed over to CC Slaughters for a while. Now they were decorating for Halloween and didn’t have any tables out just a few chairs. A new girl showed up named Barbra and it was nice to meet her. Cassandra, Julie and I sat and talked for a while which is always nice. it is funny how as Susan I really do enjoy sitting around and talking. I think it is the social aspect of it, just the girls sitting around talking. It was almost 10 when I left and went home. I have been gone from home for 12 hours and my makeup still looked okay including my lipstick.

Now it is Thursday morning and I am sitting here at home on my computer updating my blog and loving my nails. I am totally in boy mode except for the nails and so wish I could keep them this way. it just isn’t fair that girls can have pretty nails and boys can’t. I will have to remove it soon so I can go golfing and that will be a sad moment but it really will be fun to meet Julie as her male self and we will have a blast golfing.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.


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