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Another girls day out on Wednesday

Well I feel a lot better today and as I am off all week what better way then to spend another Girls day out. I got up this morning and of course I still have my Pretty red nails. My goal was to be to Burlington Coat at Jantzen Beach by 10 am. It is funny as it really does take me longer in the morning to get ready, well I guess it is because I feel I will be out most of the day when it is bright out so I really do put extra effort into my makeup. Today I plan on going out to dinner with my friends tonight at 7 and I am not sure I will have time to go home and freshen up and I can tell you there is a big difference between me going 12 to 14 hours in makeup and your average woman.

I was ready to leave by 9:45 so I was right on time. I had a comment yesterday about what I wore and how I dress when I go out and I got thinking. I use to always put in my blog what I wore and usually a picture and I guess as I have been going out more I have kind of gotten away from doing that so I am going to make an effort to include that information more. When I go out during the day like today I really think about where I am going and what other woman would wear there and that is how I try to dress. I have never worn a dress to go shopping, Sometimes maybe a skirt but mostly Capri’s or like today yoga 20151014_094615pants and a cute top. I can actually pull off yoga pants as long as my top is long enough to cover my rear. This is me just before I left home. It is a really cute look.

I got to Burlington Coat just a little past 10 and went in and looked around. Last time I came here I bought 3 pairs of heels so I was really hoping to find some cute shoes. But today was not my lucky day, they had very few in size 10 or above as far as heels. I walked through the clothing section and didn’t see anything I liked but then a girls day out shopping is more about being out then what you buy at least it is for me. It was about 10:30 when I left here and my next stop would be Washington Square mall. It took about a half hour to get there and soon I was parking outside Sears.

I went in and as luck would have it the door I went in was right by the woman’s shoe section so I started off looking at their shoes, again not a big selection in my sizes. It kind of looks like they are in the middle of going from summer shoes to winter ones. So not seeing anything I ventured out into the mall. now being early there really weren’t a lot of people here but I knew that would change as it got later in the day. My first stop was H&M to check out their clothing. I think this store is more for the younger people as they really didn’t have much in my size but still I looked around. Well it was back out into the mall which now was getting a lot busier and I was amazed how many young people were here. I would have thought they would be in school on a Wednesday morning. I went into Victoria’s Secret as that is almost always a must when Susan is at the mall. I have never bought anything here but so fun to go in a look around. Some day I will get up the courage and maybe get a bra sizing here. They really do have a lot of really cute things here but again my size is probably not their target customer.

From here it was back into the mall and down to JC Pennies which is at the very opposite end of the mall from Sears. Now the one bad thing about going to Malls is they are really big and if you do run into someone you know it may not be a quick and easy exit to get away. I spent a little time here looking around as they had a huge selection of dresses, the most I have seen in one store in a long time. Some were marked down but most were not and were $60 to $120 so I didn’t hold a lot of hope. I did find two really cute dresses and I probably would have spent the moneys as they were hat cute but most of their dresses only go up to a size 14 and that is just not going to work for me. I checked out their shoes and of course their intimate apparel section as I really do need to get some new Bra’s but didn’t see anything I liked. Funny how I like the really cute ones even though no one else will see them.

From here I went to Macy’s and looked around for a while. They have a pretty good selection of mark down items but again most were not things I would buy. looks more like they are marked down because hey didn’t sell instead of summer things they need to get rid of to bring in fall and winter items. I guess they had a good year selling things. I left here and as I walked down the mall I got the smell of cinnamon rolls, they have a Cinnabon here and I so love them. I walked down and looked at it and it took all I could do not to get one but now I was hungry. so my next stop was the food court on the upper level.

I went up and got something to eat and sat at a table right by the stairs so I could watch people. now I just relaxed and had a nice lunch and people watched, I was really paying attention to what the woman were wearing. Here is what I noticed. there was one woman in a dress and heels but she was like 5’3” and maybe 90 LB.s so she could get away with it. I saw some woman wearing skirts and low heels. Capri’s and yoga pants were about the same number but the most were wearing Jeans. But I feel I could get away with any of them but the dress at the mall.

After I ate I finished walking through the mall and then back to Sears. funny as I went into Sears right on the rack by the entrance was that same dress I saw yesterday at the Sears at Lloyd Center and they had a size 18 but still didn’t look like it would fit me. I was holding it up to me trying to decide if it might fit when the girl at he counter looked at me and told me I should try it on as it would look really pretty on me. She also told me that the brand Metaphor was on sale for 50% off so instead of $48 it would be $24 so now there was no stopping me. She pointed me to the woman’s dressing room so with my dress in hand I headed down towards the dressing room. Now I have tried clothes on before in store but it is always a little nerve racking as you really never know how it will go. The lady at the dressing room saw me coming and came right up to me and asked if I needed to try it on. I said yes and she showed me right into the dressing room. It is just a little on the snug side but then I think that is how it is supposed to be so I took it to the checkout and bought it. This will be the dress I wear to Harvey’s next month, I cant wait. Here is a picture from their web page. With my Pretty new dress in hand I was on my way to my car.

It was almost 2 pm now I had been here for almost 3 hours wow didn’t seem that long. I drove across HWY 217 to the Burlington Coat there to see what they had. I parked and went in and it appears they are remolding inside and part of the store is closed off and the selection was really poor. I was only in there maybe 15 minutes before I left. So now I had to decide what to it was a little after 2 and my friends wont be out till about 6 I thought about going home for a bit but that seemed like a waste so I decided to drive back towards Lloyd Center as that really isn’t far fro Fox & hounds where will we meet tonight and there are some other stores around hat area. I could check out plus I wanted to beet the traffic. it still took almost an hour to get there so it was about 3 pm when I got there.

I parked and went into the mall by the ROSS dress for less as there are bathrooms there that are never busy as it is not the main part of the mall and nature was calling. I only mention this because of the funny thing that happened as I was washing my hands a man wandered in looks at me and said said I am so sorry miss I got the wrong one and quickly exited. He accidently wandered into the woman’s rest room. Now they had a Spirit Halloween store here so I wandered in and looked at some costumes. I am really not that excited about Halloween as it falls on a Saturday night this year and I will have to work early the next morning so I probably wont even be able to go out, so sad. now I had to figure out what to do. if I went home it would be 4:30 or later when I got there so I really didn’t want to do that. I noticed yesterday that Barnes and Nobble has free Wi-Fi so I walked by and noticed they have a Starbucks inside so I figured why not go out to my car and get my computer and sit here in Barnes and Nobble and have an iced tea and catch up on my blog and son work. so that is where I am right now, I figure about 5 I will head to Fox & Hound and wait for my friends as Cassandra may get there a little early any way. I am at a table just out of the railing of Starbucks more in the store itself right by the entrance from the mall so I can people watch. it has been a fun day so far. Now I am looking forward to dinner and spending some time with my friends 20151014_094212tonight. well one more picture

Wow a little longer then most my posts so if you read this far thank you.

Have a great day.

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