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Girls day out

Well after being sick all last week and Really sick over the weekend I was ready for a little Susan time and what better way then a girls day out. I decided to start off with a Manicure and Pedicure. I called Dream Nails last night and set up an appointment for 10 am today with Anna so that is where my day starts. I got up this morning and got ready and thinking I had left plenty of time seems I was rushing to get out the door.  I left my house at 9:55 lucky for me the nail salon is just a couple blocks away. I got there right at 10 and there were already 2 ladies there getting pedicures.

I picked out my color Ferrari red which is a really bright red and as I have the week off work I am also getting my fingers painted this color. Well I took my seat and Anna started on my pedicure, The shop has nice new pedicure seats and tubs. Now I have said it many times but if you have never gotten a pedicure you really need to at least once. it is such a relaxing feeling. they rub and pedicuremessage your feet and lower leg, put lotion and oils on it to soften the skin, just incredible. it took about 30 minutes and soon my toes were a really pretty Ferrari red. Don’t they look so pretty?

now it was time for my manicure. Anna started on my fingers. now my nails were a little long as I was letting them grow as I knew I had this week off work. The nails really looked bad as they were uneven so I had her shape them without cutting them and it really did turn out well they really aren’t that long maybe an 1/8th of an inch but properly shaped they looked really good. Just like the pedicure they rub and massage your hand and forearm and use lotion and oils on them also and when they are done you hands are so soft and look awesome. It was time to put the polish on and Anna told me she had the same color in Gel polish. Now I have to admit I was tempted but as I am not sure how long I will be able to keep the red finger nails I went with regular polish as I can take that off at home really easy. soon Manicuremy fingers were the same pretty red and it is amazing how awesome and feminine they look even being relatively short. Just goes to show how a little nail polish makes a difference.

It was about 11:20 when I left the Nail salon with my beautiful nails. Now I really had no laid out plans for the day as I really didn’t even decide to go out today till yesterday even when I felt I would feel good enough to go out. It really would have sucked if I was still sick as I took this week off for some Susan time.

I decided my first stop would be Lloyd Center mall for a little shopping. I got there and parked outside Sears and went in. I looked around at their closeout stuff and didn’t see anything I liked but did find a really cute pair of wedge heels on closeout and they looked like they would fit me. but with my new pedicure I didn’t want to try them on and take a chance on messing up my pretty toes. I walked over to the dress section and found this really cute black/grey dress that kind of had some sparkle to it. it was only $48 which actually would have been one of the more expensive dresses I have bought but it was really cute. I thought about it as they did have a size 16 which in some dresses I can fit in but decided against it. So off into the mall I went.

I walked down to ULTA and went in and looked at some makeup. I thought about getting a new mascara and I probably should have as mine is getting old. This is the hard part about being transgender and the reason I don’t spend a lot of money buying expensive makeup. They say you should replace your mascara every 6 months and eye makeup every year to because they can get germs in them and cause problems. now when you dress 1 or 2 times a week makeup lasts forever. I guess if I was wearing it every day it would be different but it seems such a waste to throw something away that still seems good just because it is old. It is a little easier when you only pay $6 to $8 for them but if I was paying $25 for them it would be a little harder. Well I didn’t buy anything.

My next stop was ROSS Dress for Less, I went in and looked at their dresses and none of them looked very pretty, I can see why they were marked down. now they did have some cute ones in the size 6 to 8 but nothing for me so I left. I did pop into Barnes and Nobble for a it just to look around really wasn’t looking for anything but it was fun to look around.

I walked over to Macy’s and went in to look around. I made a quick trip through the cosmetic section but didn’t spend much time there although I was tempted to look at their false lashes. so it was unto the 3rd floor to the woman’s clothes section to see what they had on sale. they really didn’t have anything that caught my eye here either. I strolled through the mall kind of window shopping and then back to Sears where I looked at that dress one more time. I so wanted it but holding it up to myself I knew it would not fit. Find it hard to believe it was a size 16. well as I was walking to the door of course I had to go by the shoe section so I tried on the heels I had looked at earlier and they did fit pretty well and I figured for $14 I would buy them so I have a new pair of heels to wear.

It was about 2 now so I decided to go to Cascade Station by the Airport for a little more shopping as they have a Ross Dress for Less there that so far every time I have gone here I have found a cute dress in my size, okay some of them are a little on the short side but they fit. I got there and parked and went in and right to the dress section. right off the bat I found a really cute red and black dress in my size and right next to it was a blue and black dress also in my size and as they were $14.99 and $19.99 I couldn’t pass them up so I have 2 new dresses to wear some night.

It was about 3 pm now and I was hungry as I haven’t eaten today so I drove across the parking lot to Panda Express and went in and got something to eat. I have actually eaten here a few times before when I have been in this area. I guess I am a creature of habit. I had a nice lunch and then went back out to my car and got my computer and walked just a little ways down to the Starbucks and that is where I am now. Having a nice Green tea while I catch up on my blog, chat on Facebook and then I will do a little work before heading home. It really has been a fun Girls day out. Now I just need to figure out what I will do tomorrow. I may go out to Washington Square mall for a while plus there are many other stores out in that area I can go shopping at.

Thanks for reading and I hope your day was as fun as mine.


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  1. When you go out shopping as you did in this particular blog, what women’s clothing do you wear? Were you or do you wear a dress when you go out? I enjoy reading what you do, and where you go, but I think sharing what you wear would be a big help.

    Comment by Stacy L. | October 13, 2015 | Reply

    • Hi Stacy,
      YOu know it is funny as when I first started my blog I always put what I was wearing and usually a picture and I guess over the years I have gotten away from doing that. I will try to remember to ad that to my blogs. To answer your question I never wear a dress when I go out shopping as you really see very few woman wearing dresses at the mall. I try to match what other woman wear in hopes of blending in some. Usually Capri’s and a cute top, or yoga pants if I am feeling the mood with a cute tope and sometimes maybe a skirt and top as you do see this at the mall. I promise my next blog will have a picture of my outfit that I wore today out shopping. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to write a comment. Hugs

      Comment by susanmiller64 | October 14, 2015 | Reply

  2. […] pedicure. It has been a while I was thinking I last went in November but looking at my blog it was October 13 when I last went and got my nails done. Now I would love to go ever 4 weeks but I can’t swing […]

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