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Escape Bar on a Saturday night

Well it has been a good weekend as I was able to get out both Friday and Saturday night which I was so ready for. My time as Susan over the last several months has been limited so I am really cherishing the time I get. I was meeting my friends at the Escape Bar and Grill at 7 I couldn’t wait. I took my time getting ready tonight and I did a purple eyeshadow tonight as I just wanted something brighter for a change.

I got there just before 7 and Cassandra was the only one there so far but it would be long before others showed up. Laura was the first followed by Cristine, Jan, Lynn Teresa, Victoria, Karen and her wife and a couple others so we had a really good turnout.

Now I sat with Karen and her wife and talked with them most of the night. It was so much fun and I got to know them a lot better, they are really a nice couple and Karen is lucky to have such a supportive wife. It is funny as there are women, wives and girlfriends out there that are not only okay with transgender significant others but very supportive of them. I was actually looking online today and found a really good YouTube video of a really supportive wife to a transgender girl, Lacey & Des.

Now it was a fun night as Jan and Lynn were also celebrating their Anniversary. As I said there are really supportive wives out there. Well it started to get busy as Karaoke started which is always fun. Several of our group got up and sang and did great. It is fun to listen to as you really do hear a wide range of songs. It was a great night out. Even Rachel and her wife Heather were here tonight it was great to see them again.

It really is amazing how fast the time goes soon it was almost midnight. It was sad to see the evening come to an end but I can look forward to the next time I get to let Susan out.

Thanks for reading.


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