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fun and relaxing time as Susan

Well another week gone by and life has become so busy for my male self that it is hard to find time for Susan, but it is Friday and I am going to make it out tonight. I am really looking forward to some Susan time and seeing my friends and just being out with people in a social environment. Something we all need.

Now I do have to share funny story from last week. Now you all know how much I love getting manicures and pedicures and I have had my toes painted now for 1 years give or take maybe 20 days in that time. Well this summer I have been going outside my house a lot with just flip flops on in my yard. Well the other evening it was hot so I went out to water my front yard which most of the time I do by hand with a hose. So I am standing out alongside my drive which I have done many times when my neighbor got home. Now this is the neighbor that knows about Susan so I just kept watering besides with the edge around my drive she wouldn’t see my bright red toes unless she walked over. Well she stopped and we talked across my yard for a good 10 minutes. Well while I was talking to her I didn’t notice another neighbor who moved into the neighborhood a few months ago walking up till she was right next to me. She wanted to introduce herself to me as she saw me out and also apologize if her dog had been going in my yard, turns out her son keeps letting the dog out. So here I am standing face to face with a new neighbor talking for maybe 5 minutes with bright red toes. Now I kept good eye contact with her and I didn’t see her look down while we were talking so I know she didn’t notice my toes during our conversation but I have to wonder if while she was walking up to me she saw them. Anyway that is my funny story of the day.

Now I started getting ready early today as it was going to be a little more time consuming. You see I had family that was coming up this past Wednesday night to stay with me so I had to put away all traces of Susan. It is amazing how much stuff Susan has and how spread out it was through my house. I spent all last weekend cleaning my house and finding all the little traces of Susan and boxing them up. Well it turns out something came up and they had to cancel at the last minute so now I am looking for things in boxes and I don’t want to really unpack as they are now coming up this coming week so I will have to hide stuff again.

Well I was ready by a little after 6 and on my way. I got to Sweethome and Chris and Samantha were there. It was good to see them again as said last weekend was cleaning and putting Susan away so I didn’t get out last Friday. It was good to be out again with people. It was nice to talk with them and I had a good conversation with Samantha. We even talked about Diva Las Vegas next year, by the way they have the pictures from last year on the Diva web page. I am hoping she might go. It was a fun and enjoyable evening. Now Chris had to get up early on Saturday morning so he left a little after 9 and Samantha had a long drive home as she lives 2 hours away so she left at 9 so I was soon on my own kind of. I do know some of the other people here as have been coming here for several years plus I did have my computer with me.

I got online and went into the chat room for a while as it was too early to go home and this is a good way to pass some time. I also talked with a few of the girls here which is always fun. Jessica and I talked she is going to get her hair done with Roxy in the morning and she is so excited as she is going to try something fun, I can’t wait to see pictures as I am sure it will look great. That is one experience I have never had as my real hair is really short and all I do is go get it cut, I have to wonder what it would be like to go to a salon with long hair and get the full treatment. I am sure I would be as excited as Jessica is maybe even more.

I also talked with Heather who is just awesome, so sweet. She is one of the first people I met when we came here and we hit it off. It is funny the friendships you can make even on such a limited basis of seeing each other. I follow her on Facebook and we see each other probably every few weeks, neither one of us knows where the other lives or really much about the other one but she is still a good friend and I look forward to see her. Have come to learn over time as Susan that it really isn’t knowing everything about a person or how often you see them that determines friendship, it is the person themselves. I have so many wonderful friends as Susan actually most of them I look at more as family, sisters and although I may not know a lot about them I have such a strong bond with them, it really is a wonderful feeling and I am lucky to have them in my life as they have helped shape the lady I have become.

It was about 10:30 when I called it a night, a little early but such a fun night. I am hopeful I will be able to go out tomorrow night also for a Saturday night out with my sisters.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all know how much you all mean to me.


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