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Septembers night out at Harvey’s Comedy Club, awesome

Saturday night is Harvey’s night and I was really looking forward to tonight as I miss last month’s Harvey’s night. Now we have a big group going tonight, 25 signed up but I am sure we will have a no show or two or someone cancel but still will a fun night. We have been coming to Harvey’s for several years and it is always a fun night. I started getting ready at 5 and enjoyed the time becoming Susan.

I got downtown to Fox & Hound right at 7 and Cassandra, Jan, Lynn, Laura and Ginny. It was good to see Ginny again, I haven’t seen her since the Red Dress party. I got to talk with Ginny for a bit, she is so supportive to Transgender people. Now Fox and Hounds was busy tonight and short staffed so we decided instead of staying here till 8:30 we would head over to Harvey’s at 7:30

A couple new girls showed up, Jamie and Debbie, they just joined our group. Both seem really nice and I hope they will come out more with the group. It was time to head for Harvey’s, there were 7 of us walking over as Ginny wasn’t going to Harvey’s. it was a nice walk and still warm enough that I didn’t need my wrap but I did bring it tonight as it will be cool at midnight when we are on the way back.

We got to Harvey’s and Cristine was there. Now being this early we were the only ones in the Lounge. Berry the owner and his wife came over and talked to us for a while, they have been so awesome to our group. Lillian also made it, she had sent me a message on Facebook saying she would be out and I was looking forward to seeing her. Turns out her wife couldn’t make it tonight but helped her pick out her outfit last night, what a wonderful wife.

Lorna, Sophie, Cassie, Diane, Michelle, Mikaela and Kayla also made it. Mikaela was in boy more tonight. It was still great to see her out again. Now we had a great time talking while we waited for the show to start. Now I know I am missing some people as we had 20 for the show, yes we did have some who canceled but still a good turnout. It was finally time to go in and there was a good crowd tonight but we had our table reserved.

Now Kim our favorite waitress was off tonight and of course we all missed her but she was going to a concert this weekend for her birthday so we were all happy for her. Now I did take another selfie with my phone and it turns out my 20150905_215605new phone takes really good selfie’s. We were ordering dinner and Ginny showed up, turns out she was able to make it tonight for the show which was awesome.

The show started and it was really good as always. The MC and the featured comedians were really good but the headliner was awesome. he was one of the best we have seen here over the years. He was so funny but what made it good was he was having as much fun as the crowd, he was really enjoying himself. his name was Kermet Apio, if you ever get a chance to see him you must.

It is amazing how fast the night went by and soon it was over. We said our goodnight to those who parked by Harvey’s and those of us who parked by Fox and Hounds had a nice walk back and it really wasn’t as cold tonight as last night. It was a lovely evening with my t-girl family.

It was after midnight when we got back to our cars and I headed home. Next month we may try to go to Harvey’s twice as our favorite comedian Julie Scoggins will be here so we of course will go that night. Berry the owner was telling us about another comedian Bob Zany and said we should come for that show too.

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