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Finally out with friends on Friday night after 5 long week break

It is Friday and I am so looking forward to tonight as I get some Susan time and get to go out and have fun with my friends. It has been 5 weeks since I have been out on a My Pedicure 8-20-2015Friday night. Now 2 weeks ago I did get to go to the play Wicked as Susan but that was the only time I got to be Susan in 5 weeks which is hard when you are used to spending a couple nights a week as your feminine self. Now I did get out long enough last night for a manicure and pedicure, Toes just look so much better with polish on them,My Pedicure 8-20-2015 1 doesn’t matter if they are male or female toes.

Now as I said it has been a while so I really wanted to enjoy every minute of this including getting ready. It is so relaxing and therapeutic getting ready for me. When I start getting ready all my cares and issues in my male life go away, it is like they are no longer my cares they belong to that male side of me and that is a great feeling. Now normally I am thinking about going out when I am getting ready and of course I am looking at what time it is to see if I am running late but tonight I didn’t want to worry about anything including what time I would get there so I didn’t look at the time once while getting ready just focused on the fun of transforming myself. I started getting ready a little after 5 with a nice warm shower and then the makeup and finally getting dressed. Even without rushing or worrying about what time it was I was ready to leave by 6:40 so about an hour and a half to get ready. And I was really happy with the way my eyes turned out tonight. Here are a couple pictures, they were taken this morning 20150822_093549after a good night’s sleep so I am not showing the whole face as the rest is less flattering. I know what you are saying, you shouldn’t sleep in your makeup but I was really tired last night so just wiped away most of it before bed.

I got to Sweet Home and Chris and Samantha were20150822_093636 there, it was so wonderful to see them again and of course we greeted with a hug and who doesn’t love to get a hug. They were glad to see me almost as much as I was glad to see them. I have really missed being out with my friends, they are all such a big and important part of my life and who I am. Of course Debra and Paul were glad to see me, Paul owns the bar and Debra is his awesome employee. Even some of the regulars came over and said it was good to see me again. It was nice being out and being able to socialize with people. Of course I had my computer with me so I did catch up on some e-mails and Facebook friends, even my time online as Susan was cut almost to nothing the last 5 weeks. Another girl showed up and also Roxy so we did have 6 of us there which was nice.

It was also nice to see some of the other people here who I have gotten to know, friends not in our t-girl group. This really is a wonderful place as it gives me the chance to interact with people from outside the t-girl community and I have made some really nice friends here and I look forward to seeing them also. We even have some crossover between the groups here which is awesome. One of my friends Mareinna she met us here and started talking to Cassandra and I a while back about being Transgender, well she came out about a year ago to her friends in the other group and they have been totally supportive of her which is awesome, just goes to show how wonderful the people are who come here. Well I was talking to her tonight and it turns out the lady Chris had played pool with a few times earlier tonight is Mareinna’s mom. She has only known about her a short time and other than pictures this is only the second time she has seen her in person and she came out tonight to spend time with her new daughter how awesome is that. Some other people her I have gotten to know that were here tonight are Dawni, Alexis, Craig, Shryl, Blue and Heather, All are wonderful people and I look forward to seeing them when I am out.

I did get on Pal Talk on my computer and chat on and off through the night. It is kind of fun to have your web cam on and chat with people. It is amazing that you can chat with people from all over the country actually the world and get to know them even if only online, wow what a difference computers and the internet have made in our lives. Well I got a chance to chat with Melissa for a while, I have never met her in person just seen some pictures online and chatted with her but yet I feel I know her and have become friends with her. It kind of like talking on the phone with someone I guess. We had a wonderful chat. Now I am still not good on chat rooms as they go so fast especially if you have a private chat going on also so I was having trouble keeping up with it and I am sure I missed some things but still fun. I got to chat with Paula in the room who is also awesome, I met her through Cassandra who I was also chatting with in the room. It was a really fun night.

They started Karaoke and of course Chris sang and did well. Now it was pretty crowded here tonight so there were lots of people singing so Chris only got to sing twice but still fun. Some of the songs I knew really well and kind of sang along with at the safety of my table of course, it was almost midnight and was down to just Chris and myself from our group when we decided to call it a night and pay our bills. Chris left and I was getting my computer put away and decided to stay for a couple more songs, just hated to leave. But as always all good things must come to an end. I had a wonderful night and hopefully will be able to start getting out more again. The group is going to Who Song’s and Larry this week for dinner which I love so I am hopeful I can make that night.

Have a great week and thanks for reading.


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