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Quick trip to the nail salon for a Medi Pedi.

Well with everything going on in my life I have not gotten out much the last month which is sad as I really need my Susan time. I am hoping to get out more but will not be as much as I was getting out at least for the next couple months. That being said I will have to take advantage when the opportunity comes up like tonight.

Now I didn’t have a lot of time tonight but I really needed a pedicure and wanted a manicure too as it has been almost 2 months sense I got my last one. I got home late and figured I would call Dream nails and see if Anna could fit me in. I called her at 4 to see if she had an opening about 5:30. Anna said she could get me in if I could be there by 5, now this would be a rush but I really needed / wanted a manicure and pedicure so I told her I would be there. I had 1 hour to transform to Susan and get to the nail salon, luckily it is close to my house.

So at 4 pm I jumped into the shower and started my transformation. I think this is a record for me as I went from male self to shower to makeup and dressed and was out the door and to the nail salon by 4:50. I was really looking forward to this as it really is a fun and relaxing way to spend some time. Anna was waiting for me so I picked out a pretty bright red for my toes and of course it will be a clear coat for my fingers.

Anna started on my feet, wow it is such a relaxing feeling to get a pedicure, woman are so lucky to be able to enjoy this any time they want. More men should really give this a try as I am sure they would love it. Another lady came in to get her nails done and she sat next to me. She no more then put her feet in the tub and she got a call. Turns out her daughter is getting married this Saturday and she like me have been trying to fit a trip to the nail salon in. well she had to hurry so she told the lady to skip the leg message. Well Anna called another girl over as they were not as busy as the last time I was here and had her start on her hands while the other girl did her feet so she could get the leg massage. How awesome is that what great customer service? Well I got in a conversation with the lady which was so nice. Herd all about the wedding which is in the gorge. It was nice to just have a nice girl’s time at the salon.

Well she finished my toes and I moved over to get my fingers done and decided to go with a clear gel polish again as my nails were breaking a lot and I hope the gel polish will help them look better. It’s a little more expensive but hey I am worth it. It was a wonderful hour or so. Gel nails polish is a lot quicker as there is no drying time.

Now as I said tonight was a quick and have to be a short trip out but I didn’t want to go straight home so I made a quick stop to get dinner at the Panda Express drive through before heading home and changing back to my male self as I had to be at a meeting at 7:30 so it would be a rush to get back to my male self. I hit the shower at 6:50 and was back to my male self by 7:15 and on my way. I think this is one of the fastest and shortest Susan time I have had but still worth it as with my schedule right now any time I can get is worth it. Thanks for reading and I will try to post a picture of my toes when I get a chance.

Thanks for reading.


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