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Rosed city T-girls go golfing, so much fun.

Well today our group went golfing, we had 8 of us golfing today Cassandra, Dan, Veronica, Kelli, Victoria, and Michelle and it was going to be hot, 95 at least. Now our tee time was noon so I wanted to be there by 11 to have some time to warm up. I started getting ready by 9 with the hopes of being on my way by 10. Now her is the funny thing as I pulled out of my garage I noticed I was almost on empty, I forgot to stop and get gas yesterday so my first stop was the gas station by my house and then I was on my way.

I got to Wildwood golf course just a little after 11 about the same time as most of the other girls had just got there and where getting their clubs out of their cars. It was going to be so much fun today. We went up and Cassandra paid as we had all given her the money for today. Now we have been coming here several times a year to golf for the past 3 years and they have always treated us awesome. I think they actually look forward to the days we come.

We all went to the driving range and hit some practice balls before we started our game. Now we are playing a 4 girl scramble. That means each group everyone hits the ball and then you pick the best ball and all hit from there. This makes it more fun as everyone has a chance to play no matter how good you are. Of course on the first tee Susan golfing (2)we had to take a few pictures. This is me by my cart before the heat got too bad.

Now it is different golfing as a girl as of course I had to have my nails on and of course the breast get in the way if you are not use to them but it is so much more fun this way. I know not many woman would do a full makeup and worry so much about how they look but for me that is all part of the fun and the experience. Now of course we did have a longest drive hole and 3 closest to the pin holes just to make it interesting.

We started play and my team was the first to go. Now it was getting hot but still only in the 80’s, by the time we would finish it would be 96 out. We all had some good shots and of course some bad ones but with a scramble you are hoping that when you have a bad shot others on your team hit a good one. I had some really good shots today. We got to the first par 3 which was a closest to the pin hole and I had a really good shot and put it about 5 feet from the flag and that turned out to be the closest ball so I won the first one.

The front nine went awesome and we were even par after 9 for our group. Actually we were really consistent as were got par on every hole and after 9 we were one stroke ahead of the other group. Now when we started the back 9 it was really getting hot and I hoped my makeup hadn’t melted off yet. Now on the back 9 we didn’t do as well as we had 3 bogies but we did have 1 birdie so we finished 2 over par. Now on the closest to the pin on the back 9 I had another really good shot and put the ball about 6 feet from the flag so I thought I might win again but Cassandra put her ball about 1 foot closer but I was still happy with my shot and how I played. Now I had drank 6 Gatorades on the course and as soon as we got back to the club house I got another one.

Now part of our golf deal we had today included a BBQ so we sat out on the patio in the shade while we ate. We had a wonderful meal, Hamburgers and chips but we were all so hungry and it was really good. Well Cassandra had prizes for the closest pin and longest drive. I won a box of golf balls of which half are pink. I can’t wait for the next time I get to golf as Susan so I can used them. The group is golfing again in August but I can’t go the day as my male side has family things I had to do. Now I also got a pair of golf shoes, Dan had a pair that didn’t fit him and he gave them to me, Thanks Dan. They are men’s shoes so I will only wear them when I golf as my male self.

It was almost 6 when we were finished eating and started to leave. Cassandra, Victoria, Dan Bianca and I were the last to leave and we walked out to our cars together. Now in the car on the drive home I had the air conditioner on 68 and it still didn’t feel that cool.

Now when I got home I was curious to see how bad my makeup looked and it actually held up pretty well. My lipstick was almost all there still just a little faded and that was after eating a piece of pizza, several candy bars, 7 Gatorades and the burger and chips. The other thing I did today different as someone told me if you spray your face lightly with hair spray after your makeup is on it helps it hold up better in the heat and it may have helped. Now that I was home the first thing was a nice shower and then several glasses of water as I write today’s blog. It was a really good day


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  1. Wow what a fun day. I thought your outfit was really cute. Loved the yellow top. I think I need to put golfing on my to do list. Thanks for your blog. C. P.

    Comment by Charlene Peterson | August 6, 2015 | Reply

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