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Friday night Susan fun

Wow another busy week so I was really looking forward to this weekend and having a little Susan time. With my busy schedule the last few months I have had a hard time getting out just once a week and I can tell how this affects me, I really need my Susan time. Well this weekend I will actually be out on Friday and Saturday as we are golfing tomorrow so that will be fun.

It was 5:45 when I got home and started getting ready, straight into the shower and then time to do my makeup which I really enjoy. I really enjoy the whole experience of getting ready and becoming Susan. Now I know some woman I have talked to don’t like the time and effort it takes to do makeup and get ready and I guess maybe if I had been doing this every day for the last 40 years I might feel that to but I doubt it. It is just something I really enjoy. Well I was ready just before 7 and on my way.

I got to Sweet Home and Chris and Samantha were there, it is good to see Samantha getting out more with our group, she has over a 2 hour drive to get here so that is a challenge for her. I ordered dinner and I got out my computer and checked my e-mails and caught up on some of the current news while we talked. Of course when my dinner came I put my computer away and never got it out again.

Karen showed up in her new dress, seems she had a rough day and when her wife came home she suppressed her with a new dress she had bought for her. How awesome is that, I mean this can be a hard thing for woman to accept about their partner but to find those who not only tolerate it but support it is awesome and Karen has a wife like that. We really do have some awesome wives in our group. Well I got to talk with Karen which is always nice. She is still getting use to going out as Karen as where they lived before there were not really a chance to go out or any place to go. Like anything the more she goes out the easier it will be but I know how she feels as we have all gone through that in our lives. Those first times out are the hardest, but it does get easier and once you get used to it you can pretty much go anyplace.

Cristine showed up a little late but it was good to see her and so did Roxy so we had 6 of us here tonight. Now as much as I enjoy my time out as Susan what really makes it special is being out with my friends. I have made so many awesome friends as Susan in fact I think I have more friends as Susan than my males self and for sure a lot closer friends even though they do not know everything about me or I them. My life really opened up and I really became who I am because of my friends, it is funny how the people you meet shape your life and who you are.

The 6 of us sat and talked and had a great time. Several of the other customers came over and said hi to us as I have said before we are totally accepted here which is a nice feeling. One lady came over and told us how great we all looked which I never get tired of hearing as I do put a lot of effort and tale a lot of pride in how I look as Susan plus I always love it when they say we look better the they do. Now I know they don’t mean we make better looking woman then they are but it is the fact we do tend to put more effort I think mainly because we need to. A woman can go out with no makeup or very little and still look amazing where if I don’t do makeup well it would not be pretty. Plus when you do this once or twice a week it is easier to get or stay excited about the getting ready where if you did it every day when you left home and then again at night if you were going out I could see it being less attractive to you.

Now it was a slow night here as the other group that comes here for Karaoke was out of town but there was still maybe 20 or so here tonight counting us. Karaoke started and it was really slow, actually Chris sang and then another girl and then back to Chris, eventually there was another guy who started singing so the rotation was only 3 people but it was good. Now I did think about singing tonight as the crowd was small and it would have been a good night to try it but still couldn’t get up my courage. It was fun though.

Now I hadn’t planned on staying out late as I said I am golfing tomorrow at noon so I really need to be to the golf course by 11 and it is almost an hour drive so Susan needs to be getting ready by 9 am and I do have some things my male self needs to do in the morning so I will be up a little early for a Saturday morning. Well we all know how that plan goes it was still almost 11:30 when we all called it a night, so it will be a short night tonight.

Tomorrow golfing will be fun as we have 8 of us going. It is going to be 95 or warmer out tomorrow so I will have to get pictures early as I am sure by the end of the round of golf I will not look my freshest. Hopefully I will have pictures to post in my next blog.

Thanks for reading.

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