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Last minute opportunity for a Saturday night out.

Well I had not planned on going out Saturday too much to do but in the end Susan won out. Karen sent me a message on Facebook as she was thinking of going out Saturday night and we chatted back and forth for about 30 minutes and in the end we had talked each other into going out. We were going to meet at the escape Bar and grill at 7. Any way I had to rush and get what had to be done today and the rest I would push off to Sunday which would now make Sunday a really busy day but that’s Okay as Susan time is worth it.

Well I got everything done and started getting ready at 5. It is amazing how wonderful I feel just starting my transformation to Susan. Now I knew what I was going to wear and how I was doing my makeup and things went perfect and I was ready by 6 and on my way. I got to the Escape by 6:30 and went in.

I got inside and I was the only one other than the Bartender and the cook so I had my choice of where I wanted to sit. I ordered a drink and some food as I have not eaten today and then got out my computer. I spent the half hour catching up on e-mails which I have fallen behind on. It was about 7 when Karen got there and her wife met her here tonight. Now I have known Karen for a few years now but she just moved to the Portland Area a few months ago. It was awesome to see her again and meet her wife who is totally supportive of her.

The 3 of us sat and talked for a while and it gave me a chance to get caught up with Karen and get to know her wife, they are an awesome couple. We were the only 3 in the bar for a while but finally a couple others came in. it is nice to just sit and talk which is something Susan likes to do more than my male self.

Jan and Lynn showed up so we had a nice small group. It was nice they could make it as it has been a while since I have seen them. We all ordered dinner yes I had more food. Now I had only planned on being out a couple hours maybe till 10 but we all know how that goes. T was about 9:30 when more people came in as they started karaoke. It was still a slow night here but there was maybe 20 to 25 people here now. Karen’s wife got up a few times and sang Karaoke along with Lynn and even Jan sang tonight. It was a fun night.

Now here is a funny thing as we were sitting there talking a girl came over to me and leaned in and said I have something I need to tell you. Now my mind was wondering what she was going to say as I had just came back from the little girl’s room. She leaned in closer and whispered in my ear “you are so f*** beautiful, if I didn’t have a boyfriend right now I would ask you for your phone number”. Wow this made me feel awesome, now I did have on my really tight white and black dress and 4” heels so I was going for that look. I thanked her and she went back to playing her video poker machine, but it still made my night. You can see the dress I wore in my bog from Memorial Day.

Laura M also showed up about 10 so we had 6 of us here tonight. She even got up and sang once. It was a really fun night and went by so fast. It was 11:30 when I decided to call it a night, actually we all called it a night. We all paid our bills and said our goodbye’s knowing we will see each other again soon. I really enjoy my time as Susan and going out with my friends and I am lucky to have really awesome friends..

Thanks for reading.


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