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Out after 2 weeks for a fun Friday night

Well it is Friday night and I had the chance to go out and I was really looking forward to it as I have not had a chance to be Susan for 2 weeks now and I really miss my Susan time, Actually I need my Susan time to be happy. I really believe it is the combination of both my female and male self that keeps me happy, healthy and relaxed. I got home late almost 5 so it was straight into the shower to start my transformation. I took my time as I wanted to enjoy the getting ready so it was almost 7 before I was ready to leave the house.

I got there about 7:15, Chris and Samantha were already there. It was good to see them again, funny how just missing 1 week can make you feel. It was so wonderful to be out again. It was nice to talk with them over dinner. Samantha is getting up to Portland more often which is nice, it is amazing how the more we get out the more comfortable we get and then the more we want to go out. Roxy also made t for a little while so we had 4 of us tonight.

One of the nice things about Sweet Home is the regulars here have totally accepted us and look forward to seeing us as much as we do them. Tony and Misty who come in and play video poker and always stop and talk with us. Tonight they had a couple friends with them and they were just as nice and came over and talked to us. It really is nice as it is so normal I forget how I am dressed, I am just me out having fun. I hear t-girls talking about passing when out and for me passing is simple being out and being accepted as female to the point I don’t even think about it and that is a wonderful feeling I wish everyone could experience.

Angie always stops by our table and tells me how nice I look which always makes me feel good. It is amazing in my male life I could care less what people think about how I dress or look but as Susan I love it. There is also Jessica, Mareinna, Dawni, and so many others we have met here.

Karaoke started and as always it was fun. Some are really good at singing and others not so much but everyone has fun and that’s what counts. It really is a fun night out and a great way to start the weekend. It was about 11:30 when I called it a night as I have to get up early on Saturday as I have a busy day in my male life.

Thanks for reading.


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