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Friday night with a quick shopping trip before dinner.

Well it is Friday and the end of a long week. I really hadn’t planned on going out tonight as I can’t stay out late but as I got home early I rethought going out. I actually wanted to run to Macy’s as I had a $30 card from the MAC counter but it was only good this week and I couldn’t pass up some free MAC cosmetics. So my plan was t go out early and go to Lloyd Center mall and go to Macy’s and then on the way home swing by Sweet Home for dinner.

Well I was ready to leave a little before 5 so I had plenty of time, even with traffic I was to Macy’s by 5:30 and went straight for the MAC counter. Now unlike last Saturday when Cherie and I went here and they were slow they were pretty busy and has less help then they did on Saturday so the 2 girls working really didn’t have time to really spend with people so I just kind of browsed the counter. My main goal was a sparkly shimmer eye shadow like what Cherie got last week. I also looked at their lip liner and ended up getting 2 of them. It really was fun looking at all the pretty makeup. It was a little before 6 when I left and headed for Sweet Home.

I got t Sweet Home about 6:15 and parked right in front and went in. There were only 2 other people there at the bar. I sat at our table and got out my computer while I waited for others to show up. I noticed on Facebook that Chris would not be here tonight so I realized I may be all by myself. Well I ordered dinner and figured I would eat and wait till 8 to see if others showed up.

It was about 6:45 when Kelsie showed up and joined me. I have known Kelsie for a couple years she is actually one of the first people we met when we started coming to Sweet Home. We had a nice time talking and I found a lot out about her. It was a lot of fun. I was also chatting on line a little too.

Well it was about 8 when Jolene showed up so we did have 1 other girl show up tonight. Jolene and I talked for a while and then we played a game of pool and I won. It was a fun night and enjoyed talking with Jolene. She is going to Harvey’s tomorrow night with us so I was telling her about it and how fun it is and also where she can park as they close some roads down at 9 and if you are parked there they tow you.

Several of the people from the other group also came over and talked to me. It really is a friendly bar. Well we stayed till about 10:30 before we called it a night, Jolene actually left a little before I did. I was out a little later than I planed but it was worth it.

Thanks for reading.


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