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Saturday shopping with Cherie and then to the Escape.

Well Saturday would be fun as I was going to meet Cherie for a little shopping before going to then Escape Bar & Grill for the evening. Now the problem is with Cherie from Australia she has an international phone number so I can’t call her and she can’t call me even though we are standing next to each other so we are relying on e-mail. Now she had sent me an email that she had an appointment from 4 to 5 on se Division street but didn’t send me the address so I e-mailed her I would pick her up at 5 just send me the address. any way I got ready and still hadn’t heard from her so I left home and went to the Starbucks by the airport where I have gone before to wait for her to e-mail me.

I got there a little before 4 and got a drink and then got my computer out and went on line with my phone next on the table waiting. Now here is my blonde moment. it was about 4:45 and still no e-mail and I kept checking my phone. Any way I clicked on my e-mail on my computer to send an e-mail to a friend and here are 4 e-mails including one from Cherie she sent at 4. Turns out I had forgot to turn my data on, on my phone so that is why I hadn’t got the e-mail. I quickly replied and would pick her up and was on my way. I put the address in my GPS and got there just a few minutes after 5. I parked about a block away and e-mailed her I was there and then walked up to see if I could find her. It was about 5:15 when we finally found each other in amongst all the people.

We decided to go to Lloyd Center which was close and do some shopping. We got there and went into Sears and looked at some clothes and Cherie found a cute sweater which she bought. We walked down the mall to ULTA which is a big makeup store. We looked around for a minute or two but Cherie was looking for foundation and wanted to be color matched for the right color. I told her I used MAC and liked it so we walked down to Macy’s as they have a huge makeup area with several different counters including a MAC counter. Well this young lady who works there came over to help us and she color matched Cherie who by the way is the same color match as I am. She then offered to give Cherie a make over as it was slow and Cherie was only to happy to take advantage of the offer, after all what girl wouldn’t.

Cherie wiped off all her makeup while the beauty technician went and got all kinds of makeup. I really should have gotten her name as she was awesome. She did a complete makeover on her from start to finish including false eye lashes and explained every thing she did and why. I learned a lot just watching and I even had fun, not as much as Cherie did I am sure. I think I will have to go in and get a make over one day. I have always wanted to try false eye lashes and actually Peggy and I have talked about going to MAC and getting false eye lashes some time maybe I can talk her into going and getting the full make over. well it was amazing as she did an awesome job and Cherie looked beautiful. When we were all done Cherie did buy some MAC makeup. we were amazed as it was 8 pm now. The make over took about an hour in a half. didn’t seem like that long. Any way of course we had to get a picture so I asked a lady who 20150530_200451was there if she would take our picture and she was happy to do so. I have always wanted a picture like this. This is Cherie on the left looking beautiful with the beauty technician in the middle. What a fun time.

well as it was after 8 now we left and headed for the Escape. We got there and it was really busy by now so we had to park across the street. We had a good turn out tonight, Cassandra, Cristine, Teresa, Veronica, Julie, Laura H., Laura M., Samantha, Melissa and Mikaela in boy mode. Cherie had brought a dress to change into so she went and changed and I got a chance to talk with Julie for a while.

Victoria Sinclair showed up with a new girl tonight, it was her first time ever dressing completely and she came out with us for a little while and of course Shadow was with them. It is fun when a new girl come out as we all remember our first time and how we felt. I talked with her some to help make her feel welcome. She was actually doing really well for her first time. I remember mine I was so scared I don’t think I said more then a couple words the whole night or at least I don’t remember talking.

Cherie came back out in a really cute red and white dress. now there were 2 other birthday parties going on and they had tables reserved so we were spread out, some at the bar, some by the windows and some on the back wall. We had a lot of fun and I tried to get around and talk a little with every one. Most of the night though it was Cherie, Melissa, Julie and me at the bar talking as I knew Melissa and Cherie would be leaving tomorrow and I didn’t know when I would get to see them again. They are both really special people who I am lucky to have as friends.

Bianca and Dan finally showed up, today is Bianca’s birthday so Cassandra had gotten cup cakes to celebrate. It was also good to t=see them again as they also don’t get out much. It is amazing how many awesome friends I have here. well we all sang happy birthday to Bianca which I think made her night as we really don’t sing that well. we had a great night but as always it got late and the night had to come to an end.

Laura, Cherie and Susan (1)Well I had to get a few more pictures with Cherie as she leaves tomorrow to go to Canada for work and then back home to Australia and I am not sure when I will see here again. It is funny how good of friends we have become in such a short time. This is Laura, Cherie and me before we left. Bianca actually took these pictures andSusan & Cherie (2) they turned out so good. I love her dress it is so cute.

Well we all said our good byes and Cherie and I left as I was driving her back to where she was staying. We got a good chance to talk again which was nice as I really got to know her, she even showed me a picture of her wife. It is funny as you look at the picture to the right we kind of look like sisters. Well I dropped Cherie off and we said goodbye, it is sad as she lives so far away and I am not sure when we will see each other but we will keep in touch on Facebook.

Susan & Cherie (1)Thanks for reading


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