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Friday night and a chance to spend time with my friends.

Well Friday again and time for Susan to go out and have some fun. This weekend will be really fun as I have 2 friends in town and they will both be out. I started getting ready early as I was really looking forward to tonight. I was on my way before 6 so I got there a little after 6. Chris was there playing pool as he gets here really early, He comes straight from work.

I got out my computer and started checking things online. It wasn’t long and Melissa showed up and Mikaela and her girlfriend showed up and also her girlfriends sister. It was great to see all of them especially Melissa who moved to Southern California a while back, She was in town for the weekend and came out to see us all. It was nice to chat with them and catch up on what is new. Well it started getting busy so I put my computer away so we had more room on the table.

Roxy, Michele and a couple other girls showed up so we had a good turnout. I ordered dinner and of course had some cheese cake for desert. Several of the people from the other group came over and talked with us for a while, one of the nice things about Sweet Home is we have good interaction with the other people here.

Cherie finally arrived she is my friend I met last December when she was in town, She lives in Australia and was on her way to do some work in Vancouver BC and stopped in Portland and found our group. Last December was her first time ever going out before and she met us at Sweet Home and the following night went to Harvey’s Comedy Club with us.  Well she is working again in Vancouver BC Starting Monday but she was able to swing through Portland on her way for the weekend so I was really glad to see her again. She remember some of the girls she met and I introduced her Cherie, Susan and Mikaela (1)to the ones she hadn’t met last time. Of course there had to be a picture. This is Cherie, Me and Mikaela.

It was so fun to talk to her and get caught up on how she is doing. She has actually gone out a coup;e times in Perth Australia and met some girls there which is great for her. I know first hand how much it helps to have others like yourself to go out with and talk to, helps us feel like we are not alone and the only one who has these feelings.

Well we all sat and talked and of course listened to Karaoke for a while. It was about 11 when Melissa, Mikaela and her girlfriend and sister left as they were going downtown to CC Slaughters to dance. some of the other girls left and soon it was just Chris, Cherie and me left from out group. Cherie wanted to go check out CC Slaughters so about 11:30 we left and drove downtown and luck would have it we found a parking spot about a block away.

We walked to CC’s and found Melissa, Mikaela and her girlfriend and sister. They were surprised to see us as I am not a dancer and as it is so busy downtown I generally don’t go there on the weekend. well we all got drinks and then yes we all went out on the dance floor. me I just moved a little in the crowd, you really couldn’t call it dancing but at least I wasn’t just standing there.

Now I had not planned on this so I had worn my 4” spiked heels which are not meant for dancing so I could really feel it on the balls of my feet. The other thing which is hard as a girl is your purse. I didn’t want to set it down but it was a challenge to keep it on my shoulder as people would brush against you and nock it off. one advantage men has is they have pockets to put stuff in. Now a couple of the people dancing had had a lot to drink and a couple fell down and one actually tried to pick up the other who fell over backwards and his feet came up and kicked a drink out of the lady next to me hand and of course it went up in the air and then down and broke on the floor. luckily all I got was a went leg and shoe. Glad I didn’t have my good new heels on.

Well Cherie and my feet were done so we went over and sat down for a while and tried to talk but it was so loud in there it was hard to hear. we sat for about 15 minutes and then decided to call it a night. the funny thing is when I stood my feet hurt way more than when I sat down. I almost took them off walking to he car.

I drove Cherie back to Victoria’s as she is staying there at her bread and breakfast. It gave us a chance to talk some more and I found out a little more about her and her family. It was about 2:30 am when I dropped her off and headed home, of course that meant I didn’t get home till about 3 AM which is the latest this girl has stayed out in a long time but it was worth it and I had such a great time. Saturday Cherie and I are going to get together a little earlier and maybe do some shopping before we go to the Escape to meet the other girls again.

Thanks for reading.


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