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Memorial Day weekend and out on a Saturday night

Wow it has been a couple busy weeks for my male side so not much Susan time so I was so glad I was going to get to go out tonight. It is amazing how much I miss my girl time when I can’t dress, I really do have a need to dress. Hopefully things will settle down in a couple weeks. Now as Monday is Memorial Day I wanted to wish all our Service men past, present and future and their families a big thanks for the sacrifices they have made for our country.

I started getting ready at 5 and I could feel the stress go away and a calming effect on me right away, as I said I do need to have time as Susan to keep my life in balance. I really do enjoy my time getting ready, doing my makeup and thinking about what dress and heels to wear. Now I did my makeup a little different tonight as I did my eye makeup before my foundation, I saw this in a video and wanted to give it a try. Not sure if I liked it though, it was easier to clean up any fallout from the eye shadow but a little harder to blend the foundation around my eyes. My eyes did turn out really well though.

Now it was time to choose my dress for the night and I had several ideas. As I was looking through my closet I saw my black and white dress I bought probably a year ago. I have never worn it as it is a tight dress and I wanted to lose some weight first so it would look better but as it has been a year and I still haven’t lost the weight I decided to wear it. Of course this would mean a waist cincher and padding on my hips to make it look right. It really is a cute summer time dress.

I got in my car and I was off and on my way by 6:20, I got to the Escape and there were a lot of cars there already, I got the last parking spot so I felt lucky. Cristine and Cassandra were already there, Cassandra n her computer. Cassandra loved my dress and told me how cute it was, just imagine what it would look like if I lost 20 LB’s. Well of course I had to get a picture so I had Cassandra take one. It really looked good and of course I was looking at the dress and didn’t notice I had my eyes Susan's new dressclosed or I would have gotten another picture. Now I thought about not posting it but then I realized it showed my eye makeup really well so here it is.

Now being a Holiday weekend I wasn’t sure how many girls would be out. I got out my computer and set it up on Paltalk, I actually went a head today and signed up and paid for a year. Still not sure how much I will use it but figured I would give it a year and then next year I will decide if I used it enough to renew it. it is kind of funny as Cassandra and I were both in the same chat room and you could see Cassandra behind me on my web cam and of course you could see me behind her on her web cam.

Shadow and Blair both showed up which was nice, They don’t come out much but this is the second time in the last 6 weeks or so. I got a chance to talk with them some which was nice as I got to know them better which is always nice. It is kind of hard to really get to know each other as we are all still cautious on how much information we give out. I consider some of these girls my best friends and yet they don’t know a lot about me.

Jan and Lynn also made it out tonight which was awesome. Jan just had a birthday so it was good to see her. Dee & Cassie also made it out tonight and another girl so we had a good turnout tonight. It was a really fun night. I did have fun chatting tonight online and did get a chance to chat with Melissa for a little bit which was nice. Dee travels and only gets to Portland every so often, she brought her dg with her tonight so she was going out regular to check on him and let him out so I got to go out and see her dog, very friendly. so her we are out by the corner standing there in our dresses with her dog talking as the cars went by, have to wonder what they were thinking as they passed us.

Karaoke started and of course it got busier then but it was still a quiet night here probably because of the Holiday. It was a fun night and  stayed out till almost midnight. Now as I said I will have limited Susan time for the next couple weeks but I do plan on being out next weekend on Friday and Saturday as I have a friend Cherie who will be in town for work, She lives in Australia, It will be good to see her and get a chance to talk with her again. Maybe even go shopping next Saturday.

Thanks for reading.



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