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Manicure and Pedicure for Susan

Well I got home today and decided I was going to go get a manicure and pedicure. My toes although not looking that bad yet even though it has been 6 weeks since my last one I wanted to get it done this week. I am going to the Red Dress party this Saturday night and my toes need to look perfect and I also wanted them red for the occasion. I called Dream Nails as soon as I got home and got an appointment for 4:30 with Anna the lady I have been going to since last fall. Now Dream nails is close to where I live but that makes it more convenient as I usually can’t plan that far ahead. Now my plane was to get my nails done and then go to Starbucks for a couple hours to catch up on things and of course let my toes fully dry.

I was ready by 4:15 and looked out my window and 3 of the neighbor boys were playing basketball in the street. Now I didn’t have much time so there really wasn’t much I could do. I went and got my computer and went to the garage and put it in my trunk and got in my car. I took a deep breath and opened the garage door to go and to my surprise they were going into the house, wow how lucky. I left my house and drove to Dream nails and went in, it was only 4:20. Anna was just finishing with another lady so she had me sit down in the next chair and filled the tube with water so I could soak my feet.

She finished with the other lady and then it was my turn. Now the last time I was here I got gel polish and it was still pretty much on my nails except where they had grown out. Anna put little cotton balls with acetone on my fingers and wrapped them with aluminum foil. I have seen woman in nail salons like this and always wondered why, now I know. I sat there like that the whole time she did my pedicure. Now I love getting pedicures as they are so relaxing and my feet look so wonderful when they are done. It really is something everyone should experience and I would highly recommend Dream nails and Anna. It took her about 45 minutes for the pedicure and now I had beautiful red toes.

We moved over to the manicure table and she started on my fingers, first scraping the softened polish off and then filing them. Then came the gel polish, she told me she had the same color red I had put on my toes and I so wanted to say yes but I could never have red fingers when I was at work so I declined and went with a clear coat which again is really shiny but I have a matt polish I can put over it. It seems so strange to go get such pretty shiny nails only to cover them up but I am not that confident in my male life yet to have such pretty nails at work. Now the good part of the gel polish is it is dry in 30 seconds as they have a dryer you put your hand in. now the bad part is as they grow out they look bad, they are kind of like acrylic nails in that way. You almost need to go every 3 weeks to keep them looking good which is a little much for me. I seem to be on a 6 to 7 week rotation so I may go back to regular polish next time as it is also cheaper and as I just cover them up it kind of makes sense, well I have 6 weeks to think about it. It was a little before 6 when I was done.

I drove out to my favorite Starbucks and went in and got a warm drink and sat down to play on my computer and catch up on e-mail. They were pretty busy when I first got here but there was one table open so I took it. Starbucks really is a comfortable place to go for a couple hours and do things on your computer. It has been a good day even with the rain.

Thanks for reading.


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