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Saturday night at the Escape

Well I have been out all day but still wanted to go to the Escape bar and grill tonight. Now the Starbucks I was at is only a couple miles away so I got to the Escape about 6:30 and was the first one there. It wasn’t long and Cristine and Cassandra showed up. Now it was a real quiet night here as a matter of fact it was just the 3 of us till 10:30 when Cassandra called it a night, now there were 4 other people in the bar too. We sat and talked and of course both Cassandra and I had our computers going. it was a relaxing and fun night.

After Cassandra left I stayed as Cristine’s ride didn’t get there till 11:30. it was about 11 when people started showing up and within a few minutes it was really busy and Karaoke was going. A few of the ladies came over and talked to us and told me how pretty my dress was which I always like hearing.

It was time to leave so I went up to pay my bill and there was a woman there that looked familiar and I could see she was looking at me. now I wasn’t to worried about it as I just figured I had seen her someplace before. well it turns out I was right as she came over and started talking to me. I use to play shuffle board with her years ago at the P-Club. She use to go there with her boyfriend but after we got kicked out she stopped going there because of what happened. She had always wondered what had happened to our group. This was really one of the sad things about this as we had made some good friends there which we lost touch with. we talked for a while and got caught up. I told her about what we have been doing and where we have been going so hopefully we will see her again.

It was a good night out.


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