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A meeting and a day of Susan with a little shopping.

Well I got up today at 8 am and started getting ready. I am actually going to spendlips (2) the day as Susan. The main reason is about a week ago I was contacted through my blog by a lady named Lola Wallace she has a photo web page where she does photos of people she finds fascinating and she wanted to do a photo section of me, she has been looking for someone who is transgender of a crossdresser. Now I did find the offer interesting so I agreed to meet her today at Starbuck’s downtown Portland at 10:30.

I was ready to leave by 10 and on my way downtown. Now I hadn’t thought about this being the Starbuck’s at Pioneer Courthouse Square which is right in the center of the city and not much street parking nearby. I actually ended up parking in a parking garage 3 blocks away as it was the easiest and only $5 for all day, of course I wouldn’t be downtown all day. Now driving there I could see all the people walking around downtown so I knew it would be a good day for people watching. The walk to Starbucks was relaxing. Now as I thought this Starbuck’s was really busy and I had to stand in line behind about 12 people, luckily as it is a really nice warm day everyone was getting their drinks to go and going out to the square to sit so I was able to find a table. I finally got to order and then had to stand in line to wait for my drink.

Now I will admit after the incident I had yesterday on Facebook with that one girl I was a little nervous as I really had no idea who I was meeting but Lola e-mailed me she was on her way and sent me the link to her page so I could check it out while I waited which was nice as I knew she was real. She showed up a little before 11.

We sat and talked and I learned a little about her and told her a little about me. She wanted to know what I thought of her doing a photo page of me and if I had any ideas for it which I didn’t. I mean for me a picture is just that. She had a couple ideas one of which was before and after photos which I will admit would be really cool to do but as I am still in the closet shall we say as far as people knowing about me I was not willing to do that. Her other ideas were pictures while I was out shopping or out socializing with my friends. Both have good and bad points as I love to go shopping and I am comfortable with that but then I am trying to blend in having someone there taking pictures of me while I shop would be different and draw a lot of attention to me. The other option when I am out with my friends also would be fun but then I also have to think about them also and if they would be comfortable with someone taking pictures, for this one I would have to ask them first. We talked for maybe 45 minutes and I told her I would think about it and let her know.

After she left I stayed there for a little bit updating my blog from last night and catching up on e-mails. This is a really busy place and I don’t think they ever had less than 5 people in line so it was a good spot for people watching. I was also sitting by the window so I could watch people walk by and also down in the square. It was about 12:30 pm when I left here and I walked around a little downtown window shopping, I didn’t go in any places as I had my computer bag with me and I didn’t want to be walking around a store with a bag, I don’t like to do that as it tends to cause the employees to watch you. I finally walked back to the parking garage and left. Now I really didn’t have any plans for the day but I do need to get a Mother’s Day gift, yes I put it off to the last minute as I have been real busy the last few weeks, but I know what I am getting her so really all I have to do is go pick it up.

Now I was hungry as I hadn’t eaten this morning so as I was going by Lloyd Center I saw a Burger King and decided to stop. Now this Burger King is kind of special as it was kind of my first place I let Susan be seen. Years ago when I was still working up courage to go out I would make late night drives, yes I wouldn’t even think of leaving my home before 10 pm and this is the Burger King I would stop at and go through the drive through at like midnight but I have never gone inside. I parked and went in and got lunch. They weren’t that busy though. Now after I ate I went to use the bathroom and the doors were locked with a sign customers only so I went to the counter and asked for the key, I didn’t specify which as I was curious about which one they would give me. The girl walked over and instead of a key pushed 1 of 2 button on the wall to unlock it. I walked back over wondering which one she had unlocked turns out it was the woman’s, good for Burger King.

I got on the freeway and traffic was backed up in both directions so it took me a little while to get where I was going. Cascade station by the airport as I was going to get her a new monitor for her computer, hers is old and small and they have a best buy here and I have already priced them out online. Now just like downtown the shopping center was packed and traffic was bad so I went to the far end to get in to avoid the traffic and as I went by Staples I decided to go in and see what they had. They actually had a really nice one on sale so I bought it here instead. It is funny that I was buying her gift as Susan but then again I have done a good portion of my Christmas shopping the last 2 years as Susan. Now I have a rewards card at both places so I gave the guy at the counter my phone number and he pulled up my account so I used my male credit card today for this purchase.

It was after 3 now and I didn’t want to go home yet and really I am not far from the Escape where the girls will be meeting tonight at 7 and wouldn’t you know it there is a Starbuck’s right across the parking lot from Staples which I have gone to many times, probably my second favorite Starbuck’s so I put the monitor in my trunk and grabbed my computer and walked over to Starbuck’s. Again this one was also really busy I guess the nice weather just brings people out so I had to stand in line again. Again most are getting them t go or sitting outside but still busy inside but I did find a table by the door where I could people watch.

Now I am sitting here doing my blog and also on Paltalk, Cassandra is DJ’ing one of the rooms so I am kind of keeping an eye on her. I will hang out here for a little longer as I have some e-mails I need to catch up on and a little work and then I will go to the Escape tonight. It has been a fun day so far and I still have the evening to go. Thanks for reading.


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