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Saturday night out with friends at the Escape

Well it is Saturday night and I am going out to the Escape for dinner and some social time with my friends. I know we will have a good turnout as several of the girls have posted they will be there. I started getting ready and was thinking what I should wear tonight. it really is amazing how much thought I put into what I wear and how I look as Susan. I was ready and on my way by 6:30, Julie had texted me and she would be there tonight too.

I got to the Escape Bar and Grill right at 7. Cristine was already there, there was also another group of about 12 people there at the tables by the pool table so it was already a little busy. I got my computer out and then went and ordered some food. Now I was playing on my computer and I came across an Amazon page and I found a place where I could set up an online store so I figured I would give it a try as it was free. Not sure if it will work but what do I have to lose, all I have to do is promote it and as I have a blog I could put it on I am trying it. I will keep you all up to date on if this works. I also have a couple pictures that I will post in blogs with links to it, like lips and lipsticks so if you see those they will also take you to my Amazon store.

Cassandra showed up next and Teresa right behind her. Cassandra had her computer to and set it up in the corner and got on Paltalk so I did the same. It is kind of fun and I do like the being on cam where others can see me. Teresa really liked it too as she was sitting right next to me so I let her play on the chat room while I ate.

Julie and Trixie showed up which was awesome. It has been a while since I have seen Trixie so I got a chance to talk to her. They are a really good couple and so much fun. Now Cassandra had brought cupcakes and a couple birthday cards as tonight is Shadows birthday and she was coming out with us tonight. She showed us the cards and we all picked the same one as it really was funny so we all got to sign it.

Jan, Lynn and Laura also showed up next so we were up to 8 now and the bar was getting a little busy now. I guess they have a dance near bye that a lot of the girls to before they come here. Anyway about 9:30 a lot of people start showing up and they get the Karaoke started. Laura was the first one to sing and did great as always.

Shadow showed up along with Amber, Blair, Victoria and I think it was her Boyfriend so we had 13 tonight which is one of our bigger turnouts. It was good to see them all out with the group as they don’t get out much. We all wished Shadow a Happy Birthday and gave her, her card which she liked. Cassandra broke out the cupcakes and we all ate some, they were really good.

Some of the girls played pool as always, Cassandra seemed to be the girl to beat. The rest of us sat and talked and the big topic was Bruce Jenner and his interview. Most of us watched it and thought he did a really good job but it is more how people and the media react to this. I am hopeful the outcome will be a positive one. I think this will be the topic of many conversations. If you didn’t see it you should check it out.

Cassandra was playing pool with one of the girls here and she had these really sparkly nails that I kept looking at. Well Cassandra needed me to move so she could make a shot so I got up out of my chair and as she was close I went over and told her how cute her nails were. Well we ended up talking for a few minutes, her name was Jay and her girlfriend was Heather who also came over along with Julie so the 4 of us talked for a while.

The rest of the night we sat and listened to Karaoke and most of the people who sang were really good. Laura sang several songs and so did Lynn. It was a good night. it was about 11:30 when I called it an evening.

Thanks for reading

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