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Dinner out with friends

Well I got a chance to go out to dinner tonight. Our group is trying to increase where we go so we have started doing dinners at different places and tonight was Who Song & Larry’s in Vancouver on the water front. I have actually come here 3 times before so I was really looking forward to it. We were meeting there at 7 and wouldn’t you know it I got home late, it was 5:15 when I walked through the door at home so I had to rush. It was straight into the shower and then getting ready. While I showered I was thinking about what I should wear tonight as that is always the hard part.

I started my makeup and had an idea of what I would wear but by the time I got my makeup done I wasn’t sure my makeup was right. as I was looking at my dresses I saw my black and white one and that was the one for tonight. So now I had the dress of course this would mean different shoes which was okay. I had my look and was all dressed, next the hair and lastly the nails. I was all ready, a quick look outside, yes I still do this even though some of my neighbors know. I got in my car and was leaving my house by 6:10, 55 minutes from start to Susan. now I really thought it was later as it doesn’t take long to get there so I had plenty of time. I got to Who Song & Larry’s at 6:20 and parked and was just debating about going inside when I got a phone call from my brother so I sat in the car while I talked to him. Good thing he couldn’t see through the phone, we ended up talking for almost 30 minutes so by the time I was done it was getting close to 7. I texted Cassandra to let her know I was there and got out of my car, turns out Joan was there and walking by my car, what great timing. Cassandra texted me back she had just parked too and was walking up and Cristine was getting out of her car. We really couldn’t have timed it better.

We all walked in together and told the lady there would be 5 of us as Julie was on her way, the other 4 that had planned on being here had to cancel. Now they weren’t real busy so far. We sat and talked for a bit as we waited for Julie who got her just a few minutes after 7. Our Waiter came of and he was awesome, he really seemed to enjoy us being there. Another waitress came by also and asked us how are evening was going and if we had any big plans for tonight and we just told her we were here for a nice dinner. She even talked to us for a while and everyone here always referred to us as ladies. Even a third waitress came by to see if we needed anything, I think we were the hit of the evening here and everyone was so nice to us.

We ordered dinner and had a great time. Our waiter came by all the time to see how we were doing and even sat down a couple time by our table and talked to us briefly. We had a great time and it flew by as it always does. A group from another table was leaving and one of the ladies came over and told us she just had to tell us how beautiful we all looked tonight which I never get tired of hearing.

After dinner we sat there and talked and before we knew it we were the last ones there. Our waiter came by and told us to come back and see him again which was nice. it was 9:45 when we finally left. The waitresses that had also came by our table also told us good night and to come back again so I guess we made a good impression. I am sure we will be back here again. we are also coming up with some other places we can go which will. be nice.

WE all said our goodbyes and went our separate ways for now. I think next week we will do Chinese so I hope I can make that night too. What great friends I have and what a wonderful evening.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Hi Susan,
    I’m a photographer here in Portland working on my website and portfolio who would love to take some pics of you. If you’d like to meet me or chat about this please contact me.

    Comment by Lola | April 21, 2015 | Reply

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