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Out on a Saturday night.

Well I decided to go out Saturday night as I knew some of the girls were going to the Escape Bar & Grill. This will be my second time out this week. I started getting ready at 5 and as I knew what I was going to wear and how I wanted my makeup to look I was ready by 6 so I was a head of schedule. As I was getting dressed I found a really cute dress that wasn’t mine, I guess one of Peggy’s dresses got mixed up with mine so I put it in a bag to take with me so I could give to Cassandra. Now I know the girls went getting there till 7 but I really didn’t want to just sit at home so I decided to go early so I took my computer with me. Now being Saturday I kind of expected some of my neighbors to be out when I left which they weren’t but I realize as we get into the nicer weather this will be more of an issue although a couple of my neighbors already know and I have to wonder if more of them know also.

I got to the Escape at 6:30 and the good thing about getting here this early is parking was easy, there were only 2 cars in the parking lot and I got to park right in front of the door. I grabbed my purse, computer and the dress and went inside. Turns out Cristine got here early too. I got out my computer and then went and ordered something to eat and a drink. I caught up on some e-mails and then I decided to set up an account at Paltalk to give it a try. I am still not sure how much I will use it as I am not at home as Susan very often.

Cassandra showed up a little after 7 and had her computer with her and she set it up on Paltalk. I was talking to her and told her I had set up an account so she helped me set up the preferences on it as I really know nothing about how it works. she even sent me a gift of a free month of extreme to try it as they have 4 levels you can have from free to VIP. Well I tried it for a while and it is kind of fun but have a hard time keeping up and reading the messages and replying at the same time. now I was in a really big room with lots of people to start so I eventually moved to a smaller room. Cassandra loves Paltalk and actually has her own room so I tried that one also.

Laura also showed up and it was good to see her, she loves the Karaoke here and is really good. now this bar is really nice but doesn’t get busy till about 10. Well I ordered some more food as I was still hungry. It started getting busy and more people came in which is always nice as it is fun to people watch.

Diane made it out tonight which was nice as it has been a while since I have seen her. I got a chance to talk with her and find out how things are going, she has a lot going on in her life right now. it is nice to catch up.

We had 6 of us here so it was a smaller turnout but still fun. They had some really good singers here last night and I knew most of the songs they sang.

It was about 11:30 when I was ready to call it a night. I paid my bill and said my goodbyes, what a fun night.

Thanks for reading.


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