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Friday night and going out to have fun with my friends.

Well it is finally Friday and I have been looking forward to tonight all week. I really need some Susan time and more than that I need to be out and see my friends. I have not been to Sweethome in 6 weeks. It would be great to see my friends again. I started getting ready at 5 so I could take my time. I decided to wear my maroon dress tonight so with that I tried my new matte wine lipstick. Now at home looking in the mirror with the bright light I wasn’t sure about the shade on me but I was going with it for the night. Now I have a tip that I read online and it actually works. As I was putting on my dress I got that white haze from my deodorant on the dress which I hate. Well I read if you rub it with a dryer sheet it will take it off and you know what it works, took it right off so that is my tip of the day. I also wore the other pair of new heels I bought hey have a 4 1/2 inch heel and are actually the highest heels I now have.

I got to Sweethome right at 7 and the parking lot was full so I had to park a block up the street. Chris and Roxy were there and it was great to see them again as I said it has been 6 weeks. I also brought my computer tonight as I needed to catch up on some e-mails so Chris had his computer out and I had mine and the 3 of us also talked as we sat there. Debra the bartender brought me a drink and told me it was great to see me again as she had missed me which was really nice, even the lady who brings in a cheese cake every Friday night told me it was great to see me back again so I guess I was missed which make you feel special. I ordered dinner and we had a good time. Carolyn & Cristine also showed up a little late but it was good to see them also. Even Paul the owner was glad to see me back.

Cassandra also made it out late as she had to wait as they had family in town. It was funny as Cassandra commented on how she use to never go out till it was late and dark. I think back several years ago and I was the same never left the house till it was dark, during the summer I might not leave my till 11 pm or later wow how things have changed. Susan has grown so much over the last 7 years and it is all because of the wonderful people I have met. Cassandra had also brought her computer and got online and went to Paltalk which is an online chat server. It is kind of fun especially with a web cam. I noticed the lipstick I wore tonight actually looked really good on the web cam. I am thinking of joining Paltalk just not sure how much I would be able to use it as most of the time I spend as Susan I go out.

Now we have made some really good friends here at the bar to and it is just as nice to see them also. Kelsie was here tonight and it was good to see her, she sat with us for a while at our table so we got to talk. Heather was also here tonight and always good to see her, she always has a hug for us. The lady at the next table came over for a while and talked with us and told us how nice we all looked, I think her name was Charlene and she was really nice too. There were also some people at the table in front of us and one of the girls named Megan came over and talked to us for a while, she seemed really nice also and told us how nice we looked too. It is funny as when we go out we always wear dresses and dress up where as a lot of woman dress a lot more casual.

Karaoke started and of course it is always fun. Chris sang a few times and did great. They actually have some good singers here although a lot of the songs tonight I hadn’t heard before. It was a fun night and as always went by way to fast. Chris and I were the last of our group and we stayed till about 11:30. I went up to pay my bill and Megan was up there and we talked for a few minutes and she again told me how great I looked and that she really liked my lipstick and that it looked good on me which made me feel good as I was still not sure of the color. It is funny as lipstick is another thing woman don’t wear as much.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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