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Saturday night out at Harvey’s Comedy Club

Well it is Saturday night and we are going to Harvey’s Comedy Club which I have been looking forward to. But before I get into that I have to show you a picture of 20150401_190326the shoes I bought Tuesday. I am wearing the ones on the right tonight. Also Tuesday when I was at Starbuck’s I was surprised by Stefia, she showed up for a while in male mode so I got to talk to her for a little while.

I started getting ready about 5 tonight as I was really looking forward to tonight, it is funny after living 12 days as a girl you would think I would need a break and in a way I did but by Friday I was ready for some Susan time. I had planned on wearing my maroon dress but as I was doing my makeup I changed my mind and went with my black and gold dress, funny how much thought I put into what Susan wears.I was ready and on my way by 6:30.

Now as I got on the freeway headed for Fox & hound my gas light came on and I looked down and saw I was almost on empty so I checked my car info and it said I could go 40 miles so now I had to think, should I get off the freeway and get gas and be late or keep going. I decided to keep going and risk it. I got downtown right at 7 and the street parking was full seems they had something going on downtown. normally I would have driven around looking for something close but as I was low on gas I took the first spot I saw which really was only a block further than I normally park.

I got inside and Julie, Laura and Nicole were there, Nicole is a new member who just joined a few days ago and this was her first time out with the group. It was nice to meet her and I hope she comes out more with the group. It was great to see them and talk with Julie and Laura, we talked about Diva Las Vegas. they couldn’t make it this year and we missed them. I am hoping they both can go next year, wow hard to believe I am already thinking of next year, it went by so fast. Now tonight I wore my old long blonde wig as I had washed my other wigs and they were not dry yet. What makes this interesting is Cassandra showed up with one of her old wigs that was curly. It got me thinking about a few years back when we had fun Fridays on the first Friday of the month and we all wore different hair. It is amazing how much your look can change with a different hair style. It would be fun to bring this back.

Now Jan and Lynn showed up and it was good to see them as it has been a while. Actually I was thinking about how little I have gotten out with the group the last month. I have not been to Sweethome since the last Friday of February although I did make it out to the Escape Bar and Grill the week before we left for a couple hours. Barb and Stacy also showed up so we had 9 of us at Fox & Hound.

About 8:30 we started to walk over to Harvey’s. About 2 blocks away Cassandra got worried about where she parked. they have streets that are closed between 9 pm and 3 am and if you park there you get toed. she had parked on one of the streets because they had the signs covered up but then got worried and we all told her she should go move her car just in case, not worth the $300 gamble so her and Jan walked back to move her car and the rest of us walked on to Harvey’s.

WE got there and Cristine was already there and it wasn’t long and Sophia, Dan and Bianca showed up so we had 13 for the show tonight. There was a good crowd here tonight and it quickly filled up. there were 2 ladies over by the bar that glanced over at us a few times but didn’t pay much attention to them. It was finally time to go into the show room.

Kim our favorite waitress was there as always and had our table ready, she is so awesome. She took our orders and I had a salad tonight well and also a piece of cheesecake. The show started and it was good as always. The opening comedian and the featured comedian were good, we have actually seen them both before. The Headliner was awesome and this was the first time we have seen him. It was a great show as always and so much fun.

After the show we always stay and talk with Kim so we are usually the last ones out. We stopped and thanked the comedians and told them how good they were as they were standing and greeting people on their way out which I think is good. Anyway the 2 ladies that I saw looking at us before the show were standing with them so I think they were wives of girlfriends of the comedians. Any way we shook their hands as we passed them but when we got to the 2 ladies they also thanked us for coming and gave each of us a hug, how great is that.

Those of us who parked by Fox & hound walked back to our cars talking all the way. it was a fun girls night out and was so great to see all my friends again.

Thanks for reading

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