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Day 1 the drive to Las Vegas for Diva Las Vegas 2015

Wow I got up at 3 am which is really early but I was excited so it was easy to get up. I was into the shower and getting ready as fast as I could but I also needed to do a good job as we would be traveling all day to get to Las Vegas, 17 hours in the car. Well I kept on schedule and I was all ready to go by 3:56. Peggy, Cassandra and I were in the car an on our way by 4:07.

Now I know some may think why dress just to drive in a car for 17 hours but it is all about the experience of living full time as Susan for 12 days and that even means just the routine daily stuff all women go through. No I will admit they probably wouldn’t have done a full makeup for a drive like this but then they also look better and more feminine without makeup.

We did make several stops for gas, food and other necessary things and it seemed so natural and most of the time I didn’t even think about how I was dressed. It is funny how natural I feel as Susan, now I am not saying I want to transition as my male side feels just as natural but I can slip into being Susan so easily.

Well we got to our hotel at 8:30 tonight so even with stops we made the trip in less than 17 hours. We checked into the hotel and while Cassandra and Peggy got settled I walked down and checked out the casino. The hotel is sold out this weekend so the casino was full. All the tables were full and I didn’t see a table that was less than $15 so it will be a little more expensive to gamble. I hope after the weekend they lower the limits. Now the one reason we picked this hotel casino was for the Dealertainer which they no longer have so I guess next year we will pick our hotel based on price. Plus we can walk next door to the other casinos and also gamble as they maybe a little lesser.

Susan's acrylic nails for DIva Las Vegas (1)Well as I said I must include a picture of my beautiful nails I will have for the next 11 day. So sad men can’t have nails like this as I really would love to have them all the time. It will be sad when I have to remove them on Tuesday, I already have an appointment set up for that.





Thanks for reading

Susan's acrylic nails for DIva Las Vegas (2)


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  1. you Really Rock As “Susan” And Look very pretty–Nails Too.

    Comment by Jasmine | March 21, 2015 | Reply

  2. Hi Susan, As you say beautiful nails. Now gamble responsibly (and don’t bet your blouse!), I know you will. Above all, have fun. Hugs Tina x

    Comment by TinaCortina | March 23, 2015 | Reply

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