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Finally a chance for a couple hours of Susan and a manicure pedicure.

Wow it has been almost 2 weeks with no chance of being Susan. My male life is so busy right now so much going on and I leave for Diva Las Vegas in a week and a day. I had hoped to get some time as Susan as I really wanted to do a little shopping but no luck. As a matter of fact I wanted to go get a manicure and pedicure last week or early this week and just couldn’t fit it in till today. Turns out I had a couple hours this afternoon and evening that I could break free so when I got home from work I called and got an appointment for 5 at Dream nails with Anna. It was a rush to get ready so it is a good thing it’s only a couple blocks from my house.

I got there right at 5 and Anna was just finishing up another lady so I got to soak my feet a little longer which was nice. It was about 5:15 when Anna started on my pedicure and it was amazing how busy they got. By 5:30 there were 4 other woman getting pedicures and one soaking her feet waiting and one at the table waiting to get her finger nails done. One reason I always call and make an appointment.

It was so relaxing and Anna did a great job, actually all the girls and guy who work here are great they remember their customers by name, as a matter of fact when I called to make the appointment Anna knew who I was before I gave her my name. My feet look awesome, I have OPI red on my toes and my fingers just a clear coat for now.

Anna finished my feet and then did my fingers and they still had woman coming in to get there nails done. I think this is the busiest I have seen them. This is actually the fourth time I have gone here in the last 6 months, not the every month thing I was hoping for but close. I guess it is a little expensive to go so often but I really enjoy it and so I am willing to spend the money. When Anna finished with my manicure I went ahead and set up an appointment for next Thursday at 4 pm to make sure I would be able to get my acrylic nails for my trip to Diva Las Vegas. I even gave Anna my phone number so she can call me to remind me, I guess that makes me a regular customer here now.

Well that all done I left and as my nails still need a little time to make sure they are dry I decided to go to Starbucks for an hour or so to catch up on some e-mails and write a blog about tonight as it has been a couple weeks since my last blog. I also need to stop by Walmart tonight as I was going through my stuff for Diva Las Vegas and the one thing I need are pantyhose. I like to take extra as you never know how long they will last. Funny story, my first trip to Diva Las Vegas I took 5 pairs and needed more by the 4rth day. Last year I took 11 pairs one for each day to be safe and came home with 8 unopened ones. Any way I think I should have enough for every day as I will eventually use them. So when I leave Starbucks I will run to Walmart which is just up the street.

Most likely my next blog will be from Diva Las Vegas and I will be typing with my pretty, long acrylic nails and right now I am thinking the same red I have on my toes.

Just a quick add on. the staff here ay my favorite Starbucks is awesome, I got here a little earlier than normal so the guy who calls me by name wasn’t here when I ordered but he came in later and as he walked by he asked how my night was going and called me by name so he remembers who I am even without seeing my credit card.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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