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Shopping, Lunch and relaxing time at Starbuck’s, what a great day for Susan

I got up early this morning, well 7:30 anyway. I had the day free and decided to do a little shopping and return an item I bought. I was actually by Tigard yesterday taking care of some things as my male self and I ran into Burlington coat factory to just look. I am in need of a new nightie especially with Diva Las Vegas coming up. Well I found 2 really cute ones, a blue and ping and a pink one and couldn’t decide and as they were on sale for $10.99 I bought both. Both were the same size also. Any way yesterday when I got home I tried the blue one on and it fit it might have even been just a little big and it looks really cute. Well I tried the pink one on to see how cute it looked and wow I couldn’t even get it on. It was way too small. I guess there is no consistency in woman’s sizes. Well normally for $11 I wouldn’t bother as it is a 25 mile drive to that store from my house but there was just something about returning something as Susan. I have never done that and I figured if I was willing to shop as Susan then I should return things that didn’t fit.

I was on my way by 9 am and the weather looked sunny and warm so I worm my leggings with a long top and my heeled boots. A really cute look by the way. As I pulled out of the drive the 2 next door neighbor kids were playing in the street. Now I know their parents know about Susan but not sure if they told there kids so I have avoided leaving when I know they are out but at this point it was too late as there was nothing I could do so I just kept going driving right past them.

I got to Burlington Coat just before 10 and parked and went in. I went to the counter and told the lady that the item didn’t fit and she asked if I wanted a refund and told her I would rather have one in the right size so I went and found one in a bigger size and then went over to the dress section and looked around. While I was looking Kim called me, I had texted her I would be there as it is not far from where she lives and I wanted to know if she might be free for lunch. Any way she was but she needed time to get ready so she said she would call me back. I went to the check stand and exchanged the item and there was no problem and soon I was on my way.

I drove over to Washington Square as I wanted to run into Sears really quick as I also walked through there yesterday and saw a couple cute dresses. They were still there but just not in my size. Well I got back in my car and punched in Starbuck’s as I really didn’t want to sit in the mall Starbucks’s and there was one no far away which turned out to be just around the corner from Burlington coat where I started.

I parked and went in and they were packed, I guess Starbuck’s is the place to go on Saturday mornings. Had to stand in line behind about 10 people. I finally ordered and got my drink and looked around and there was literally 1 seat open at a tall table so I took it. I checked a few e-mails and then updated my blog for last night while I waited for Kim to call. It was about 11:30 when she called and we agreed to meet at Burlington Coat which as I said was just around the corner.

Kim showed up and we went over to Washington Square to the Portland Seafood co. for lunch. I have been here once before with her but I was in my male mode then. We had a great lunch and had a great time talking. We sat there for a good hour in a half and had a great time. It is funny though as it popped into my head I wonder if Kim likes Susan better than my male self a silly thought I guess as it really doesn’t matter I guess.

Well after lunch I drove her back to her care as she had things she had to do today. So far it has been a great day. On my way home I stopped at ULTA as I am almost out of powder and I wanted to look at their eye shadow, that little wheel got for my birthday I really like but it is only a sample and won’t last long. I found a full size pallet of browns and as I was looking one of the sales girls came up and asked if I needed any help and told me how cute my boots were. I thanked her but said I was fine. Now they had a special if you ought $20 of ULTA brands you got a free gift worth $88 and as the eye shadow was $19.99 bought another eye shadow single in the dark shimmery brown color I really liked from the gift I got so I could get the free gift. Funny as my male self would never have bought more just to get something free. I got my face powder and went to the checkout and stood in line. When it was my turn I went up and put my stuff on the counter. The lady helping me told me how cute my top was and I thanked her. Gave her my ULTA card and she also commented I had the same name as her mom. The lady next to me told me how pretty my nail color was, it was the Pompeii Purple from OPI. It really is a great summer time color which I told her and we chatted for a few minutes about nail color. Funny as a man I never get compliments from people on my shoes or clothes but this seams common for woman and I really do enjoy it t is always nice to hear you look good.

I left ULTA and my makeup still looked okay and I really didn’t want to go home yet so I headed for my favorite Starbuck’s as I figured I could write this blog and catch up on some work before heading home. I got there and they were busy also but it is a much bigger one so there was room to sit. Funny being a Saturday afternoon and sunny and warm you would think they would be slow. I got up to the counter and the man there who has waited on me several times now greeted me by name and asked what I wanted today. What great customer service, no wonder I love coming here.

Well I have spent a couple hours here now on my computer and of course people watching as I sat right by the door so I could see them coming and going. It really is amazing how many woman wear leggings. They really are a cute look although I am not ready to wear them without a long top that at least cover my rear end.

It was a fun day and I really needed it as I am not sure if I will get any time in the next 2 weeks to be Susan. I have Family coming into town again next weekend and jut lots going on right now. There is a slim chance my next Susan time will be getting my nails done on the 19 before going to Diva Las Vegas and a real slim chance I will have to cancel my trip this year to Diva Las Vegas but I am not thinking about that as it is just a slim chance.

Thanks for reading and I hope your day was as good as or better than mine.


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  1. Wow, what a packed day, being out and about from morning till evening. From your comment and this post it has me thinking about my new neighbors, one of whom has a young family. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when they start seeing Katie out on the patio of out to get the mail. I guess I’ll cross that road whenever I need too.

    Comment by katieinthehall | February 28, 2015 | Reply

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