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Friday night and my chance to go out as Susan for a fun night.

Well I just want to start off wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day. It has been a really busy week for my male side as I have not been home one evening this entire week so I was really looking forward to tonight and some Susan time. Actually the next few weeks probably all the way till Diva Las Vegas are going to be really busy as I have a lot going on in my male life so my Susan time will be limited or at the least last minutes chances to go out so I have to take advantage and enjoy my Susan time.

I started getting ready early for two reasons, fist to be able to take my time and enjoy the whole transformation to Susan and also to go out a little early. It really is amazing how much things change and how wonderful and relaxed I feel the moment I step into the shower to start becoming Susan. Now tonight while getting ready and doing my makeup I got a couple phone calls that I really had to take and as I was talking to them half made up as Susan I wondered what they would think if they could see me through the phone, of course this slowed me down a little so I really wasn’t going to get out as early as I thought I might. I was still ready by 6 though and on my way.

I got to Sweethome about 6:20 and wow there was no parking even the street parking was bad but I did find place close but was between the drive and the corner so I took it but I would worry about my car being hit as it probably wasn’t the best place to park. I guess my last accident has me thinking about things like that, by the way I take my car into the shop this week to be fixed.

It was fairly busy inside but Chris was the only one from our group here yet. Cassandra actually showed up right after I did though. I ordered diner and we talked for a while as we waited for more to show up. Now Peter was also here, he was working here when we first started to come her but him and his wife retired and moved south but he was in town visiting his children and came into night to see everyone and of course he remembered all of us. It was nice to see him again.

It is amazing the friends we have made since we started coming here, there are a lot of both men and woman who always say hi to us and ask how we are doing and several even come over and talk with us and hang out with us so in a way our group has blended with the others who come here, we are accepted which is a great feeling.

Cassandra and I talked a bit about Diva Las Vegas and it looks now like it will just be Cassandra, Peggy and I driving down and 2 or maybe 3 others meeting us there this year. A lot smaller group than we have had the past couple years as it is just way to expensive this year with the week that was picked. As a matter of fact as of today only 122 have signed up and it is only 5 weeks away. Wow it is coming up fast and I have so much going on before it. I really do need to find a day to go out shopping as I need to pick up a few things including some new heels. I think I can squeeze at least on Susan day for shopping. Right now I am just trying to plan the things I have to do. I am planning on getting a manicure pedicure on March 12 so my toes will look awesome for the trio and then on March 19 getting my acrylic nails put on for the trip and the start of my being Susan for 11 days straight. Of course this year I am planning on going to Dream nails by my house where I have gone a few times now for manicures and pedicures as they do a wonderful job and of course I am planning on asking for Anna to do my nails.

Roxy showed up and she has a few friends coming tonight so that will be fun as I will get to meet some new people. They showed up and Roxy introduced them to everyone. She worked with both of them at one time or another. Their names were Robyn and Louie and both awesome. Actually Louie told us to remind her at 11 as she just had to leave by then which we did but the funny thing was she was still there when I left at about 12:30 and I know how that goes as you get having so much fun you just don’t want to leave.

Now I had a great time talking to both of them and getting to know them which is always a fun part of the night out as I love meeting new people. As I have said we have met some wonderful people here and you miss seeing them when they can’t make it on a Friday night but luckily most are regulars like us. Heather is one that is awesome and tonight she had on this really cute corset, she makes my night when she is there as I really enjoy talking to her. Some of the others are Craig, Shryl, Jessica, Michelle, Peggy, Paula, Kelsie, Chuck, Rachel and her wife Heather & Danielle and her wife Kelly and those were just the ones here tonight.

Yes Danielle and her wife were in town from Seattle tonight so it was great to see them again, they moved up there about a year ago and we were all sad to see them leave. It was awesome to get a chance to talk with them and Rachel and Heather for a while. Rachel was the one who talked to Paul the owner here after we were kicked out of the P-club about our group and the reason we found this place and I can’t tell you how much that meant to our group.

Mellissa also showed up out of the blue, she is a member of our group but it has been over a year maybe 2 since we have seen her. What a wonderful surprise, she use to come out every Friday but as with all of us life gets in the way. Turns out tomorrow is her birthday so we all wished her a Happy Birthday.

Cassandra had to leave early tonight which was sad to see her leave. It is funny as this is the second time in a couple weeks Cassandra has had to leave and Morgan shows up just after that. Yes Morgan and a couple other girls also showed up so we had a good turnout and as I said it was real busy here tonight.

Karaoke started and of course Chris and Morgan sang along with Robyn and Louie and all did great, even Heather sang and she did awesome. It was a really fun night and went by so fast. Before I knew it, it was almost 12:30 and I was ready to call it a night. I paid my bill and said goodbye to everyone and left for home. What a great start to the weekend. I hope to get out next Friday but as I said I have a lot going on the next week or two so this may be my last post for a bit.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading.


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