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Saturday night at Harvey’s Comedy Club with my girlfriends

Well it is Saturday night and Susan is going to Harvey’s Comedy club with her friends. I have been looking forward to tonight all week long as it is always such a fun night out. We have 18 from our group signed up to go so I know it will be a fun time.

I started getting ready at 4:30 as I really enjoy the whole transformation process and getting ready. I find it so relaxing and fun. Tonight I was wearing my purple dress and boots and I decided to try the new eye shadow wheel I got from ULTA for my birthday, it is a Smokey eye with browns so I am excited about that. I actually think my eyes turned out really nice tonight with the browns. I was all ready by a little after 6 and on my way.

Now once again I got caught in traffic a stall on the freeway but not nearly as bad as last night as it only slowed me down a little. I got downtown Portland about 6:30 and parked and wouldn’t you know it just as I parked it started to rain really hard. Now as a guy I don’t mind the rain but as Susan I don’t like it. I got my umbrella out and made my way down the street to the parking meter to buy my ticket. Purse on my arm, umbrella in my had, trying to hold my wallet while getting my credit card out to put in the machine, all while trying not to let the umbrella slip, I really could have used another hand. Well I got my ticket and got back to my car and put it in the window and then walked the block to Fox & Hound and wouldn’t you know it by the time I got there it stopped raining.

Laura was inside at the bar by herself so I joined her and we talked for a bit till Cassandra got there. Then we moved over and put 3 tables together and waited for the rest of the girls to show up. It wasn’t long and Barb showed up and then Jan & Lynn and finally Cassie. The rest of the girls we figured would go straight to Harvey’s because of the weather. We all had drinks and talked till about 8:30 before walking to Harvey’s. It is only a 7 block walk and the rain had stopped so it was a nice walk.

Now Cristine was already there and there were actually a lot of people there for as early as it was so we knew it would be a good crowd tonight. It wasn’t long and Mikaela, her girlfriend Malinda and her sister Kaela showed up. It was nice to see her again, two nights in a row wow. Julie and Trixie also showed up so we now were taking up 4 tables and there were a lot of people inside and most were standing in line so they could get in as fast as they could to get good seats of course we already had our tables reserved so we were in no hurry.

Michelle and her girlfriend Destiny showed up and also Sophie so we had everyone there. Now the funny thing was Kaela lost the ball off her lip piercing and so we were all looking on the floor for it and I am sure the people around us were trying to figure out what we were doing. It is funny though as you see some people looking at you and the moment you make eye contact with them they will look away. I wonder if they really didn’t notice they were looking at us but then again we all looked awesome as we were all in dresses and a lot of the woman who came last night were very casual so they were probably feeling a little underdressed.

It was time to go into the show room and all the people were trying to get through the door in the line which was moving really slow and we just sat there as I said we had our table reserved and I wonder if they were wondering why we were not trying to go in. well out comes Kim our favorite waitress and she announced for all her ladies to follow her and she took us all back through the restaurant and into the showroom so we didn’t have to wait in line. It was so nice to see here again.

I am sure some of the people coming in were wondering how we got in before they did. We all ordered drinks and dinner and waited for the rest of the people to get in and I am sure it was a sold out show. Ell the show finally started and all the comedian were really good including the MC. I wish I could remember all their names as they were all awesome but I can’t and the web page only lists the headliner which was Quinn Dahle and he was incredible. It was an awesome night all around.

After the show we got to talk with the MC for a while and also Quinn Dahle and we thanked them for such a wonderful show and how good they were. I had such a fun night out with all my girlfriends. It was sad to see the night coming to an end. We made the walk back to where we had parked and again still not raining so it was a nice walk.

Harvey’s is always a fun night out and if you have never been there you are missing out. if you live in Portland or are just visiting you really should check them out and catch a show. They are located at 436 Northwest 6 Avenue Portland Or. 503-241-0338

Thanks for reading and have a great week.


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