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Friday night with friend including Mikaela, Maya and Darla.

Finally Friday after a long and busy week and time for some girly fun s Susan. I had actually hoped to get out Wednesday or Thursday but just got to busy so I am really looking forward to tonight. Mikaela texted me today to see if I would be out as she is going to be out and is bringing her girlfriend. So I was going to get home and start getting ready so I could go out early but on the way home from work there was a 7 car wreck on the bridge and it turned my normal 30 minute commute into an over an hour so when I got home I was really ready for Susan

I did take a little time to exercise as I have been trying hard to do that a little each day as I hope to lose some weight by Diva Las Vegas as I have a couple tight dresses that I would like to wear. Then it was straight into the shower and them my relaxing time to transform into Susan and I could just feel the stress of the week and traffic tonight melt away. It was a little before 6 and I was all ready to go and luckily it only takes me 15 minutes or less to get to Sweethome so into my car and I was on my way. As I went down the freeway I saw cars stopped and I had just passed an exit when I came to a stop. Traffic was horrible and I later found out there was a man on an overpass ahead who was threatening to jump onto the freeway and kill himself and they had shut down the freeway in both directions. So once again I was stopped in traffic. It took me an hour to get to the next exit so again my 15 minute trip to Sweethome took me over an 1 ½ to get there but you know as Susan in the car I really didn’t’ t get stress just a little disappointed I would get to spend as much time with my friends.

I got to Sweethome a little after 7:30 and Susan was ready for a fun night, Cassandra and Chris were there which I knew they would be. Cassandra and I both ordered dinner as they had their pork chop special tonight which is always good. Jim showed up, he doesn’t get out much with the group mostly at the parties we have so it was nice to see him again and talk with him.

Cassandra, Jim and I sat and talked for a while which is always fun and something Susan likes to do. Well it is funny as we were talking Jim asked about Maya and Darla and if we had seen them. I have known Maya for over 8 years now too and she use to come out every Friday night but with her job now she get home too late to really come out. But it was funny because it wasn’t 10 minutes later Darla walked in and Maya right after, wow I guess we need to talk about girls we haven’t seen for a while more.

It was great to See Maya and Darla again. I got a chance to talk with them for a while and catch up which was nice, I always love reuniting with friends. Really hope they can get out more with the group. Roxy, Carolyn and Cristine also showed up so we had now spilled over to the table next to us. It is great to have a big group out but also nice when we can all fit around one table as everyone can talk to everyone.

I got a chance to talk with Carolyn some, she had seen my picture on Facebook when I went out with Stefia and Marilyn last Friday for Happy Hour as she knows them both to so we talked about that for a while. I think I really need to make more of an effort to get together with them and maybe some of the other girls for a dinner out once in a while as they are a lot of fun and a nice change. I love going to Sweethome as I have so many friends both in the group and out but it would be nice to go to some new places also and mix it up some.

Mikaela & Susan at SweethomeMikaela and her girlfriend Malinda showed up. It was nice to see her again and meet her girlfriend. Mikaela told her girlfriend shortly after they met about her dressing and she is fine with it. As a matter of fact her sister has met Mikaela and even her parents have seen pictures of her and are okay with it, how awesome is that. I so love it when Mikaela come out as it is always awesome to see her plus she always wants pictures something I seem to forget about so we had to get a couple pictures together. It is funny as a few years back I would take so many pictures very night I went out, I bet I have over 2,000 pictures of Susan on my computer where as I only have 2 of my male self. But as I have gotten more comfortable going out and Susan has become a more normal and natural part of my life I don’t think about pictures unless it is a special event or I have a nice new cute dress on.

It was nice to talk with them and of course hear how they met and what Malinda Mikaelam Malinda & Susan at Sweethomethought of Mikaela when she first found out. Malinda is okay with her dressing and even likes to go out with her. As a matter of fact Mikaela, Malinda and her sister are all going to Harvey’s Comedy club tomorrow night with the group. Right now we have 20 girls going to the show which will be so much fun, Harvey’s night is always a fun night. Aura also showed up tonight so we had a really good group of us, one of our bigger nights out which is always nice.

I always wonder why when we have lower numbers and is there something the group could do different, another reason I would like to do some new and different things. I also wonder if it is the girls just becoming more comfortable going out that they feel able to go out by themselves. I know a few years back I would be scared to death to go someplace by myself and I really needed the support of the group setting when I went out and now I am perfectly comfortable going to the mall shopping by myself. I guess it shows how much I have grown over the last few years but I also realize that without the groups help and my wonderful friends I would not be who I am today, something I will never forget.

Karaoke started and the other group was smaller tonight but still a good crowd here and of course Chris and Laura sang and did great. It is always a fun Friday night out and although not everyone who sings is good but you have to give the credit for getting up and trying. It was a fun night and soon some of the girls left. It was after midnight and it was down to just Laura and me now. We stayed till about 12:30 or so before we called it a night. What a great way to start the weekend and I am looking forward to Saturday night and seeming them again at Harvey’s.

Thanks for reading and I hope your life is as happy and filled with many wonderful friends as that is what life is all about.


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