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Friday afternoon with Stefi & Marilyn and then to Sweethome Friday night

Well I will pick up where I left off. I left Starbuck’s about 2 as I wanted to go to ULTA at Lloyd Center before I met Stefia and Marilyn. See I needed a new lip liner and some other makeup plus as a card member of ULTA I get special offers one of which was for a free eye shadow wheel for my birthday. A strange coupon as they sent it to my e-mail on the 28 of the month after my birthday and it was only good during the month of my birthday which really only gave me 3 days to use it but luck was with me as I was out today.

Now I always park by Nordstrom’s at Lloyd Center which I have done for years. That way I never forget where I parked but they have closed the Nordstrom’s here which is sad. Well I still parked about the same place but went in the mall entrance there. ULTA is of course at the other end of the mall so off I went strolling down the mall. It is funny as I know some people take a double look and it may be for many reasons, wondering if I am a real woman I hope but more than likely to confirm I am in fact a man dressed as a woman but very few give me that look of disapproval that I have noticed. I really believe most people don’t care how you dress or look as long as you are not causing a problem. Now I did have one lady stop me ever so briefly to tell me she loved my outfit and the way I looked which was nice and of course I thanked her.

I went into ULTA and there were 2 men coming out and they both had on as much if not more makeup then I had on but other than the makeup they were dressed as men so maybe makeup is catching on in the male population. I found my Lip Liner and a foundation yes I buy cheaper foundation to use on my neck and save my MAC foundation just for my face as this system works well for me. The lady at the counter got me my free eye shadow which is 5 shades of browns which will be wonderful for daytime look. She chatted with me for a few minutes, wishing me a happy birthday and asked how it was and what I did for my birthday which was nice.

Well I made my way back down by the old Nordstrom’s as that is where we were meeting, Stefia was running a little late but Marilyn was there so I sat with her and we talked while we waited for Stefia. We had a nice conversation which is something Susan loves to do. Stefia showed up about 2:40 and we talked about what we wanted to do. We decided to walk a couple blocks to the old New Port Bay restaurant which closed and has a new place there now and see what they had for Happy Hour. It is now called Prime Rib Chocolate Cake.

They have a really good Happy Hour menu and as we got there right at 3 they were not at all busy so we got a nice booth by the window. Stefia and I both ordered a salad and of course we all got drinks, mine was a coke. Stefia took a couple pictures Susan & Marilynof Marilyn and me so of course I gave her my phone so I could have a picture of us for my blog. now remember I left home today at 9:40 and have not touched up my makeup in over 5 hours so not looking as fresh as I should. By the way the salad was wonderful here will have to go back again. we sat here till a little after 5 just talking and of course by 5 it was getting really busy here. before we left Stefia asked our waitress who was wonderful also if she could take a picture of all of us which she did of course. Stefia, Susan and MarilynAs we were leaving we got another waitress to take our picture under their sign by the door. It was a really fun couple of hours and went by so fast.

We walked the 3 blocks back to Lloyd Center and down through the mall to by where we all parked. the  we said goodbyes and went our separate ways. now I was not really dressed for going to Sweethome as I pretty much always where a dress or skirt but as it was after 5 now I knew with rush hour traffic it would take me well over an hour to get home so I made the decision to go right to sweethome as I had my computer with me and I knew Chris gets there between 5 & 5:30. well it was the right choice as it took me till almost 6 just to get there.

Chris was inside playing pool so I sat down at our table, yes we get the same table every week. I got out my computer and caught up some e-mails. it is sad in a way that I only seem to reply to e-mails sent me so it is easy to loose touch with people so that is one of my New Years resolutions and that is to try to e-mail friends more regular even if all I have to say is hi.

Well I was finishing up on my e-mails and in walks Lilly. I haven’t seen here since the Halloween party, she has a lot going on in her life right now. it was great to see her again. well I put my computer away so we could talk. it is funny as she brought up that she is also getting a lot of friends request on Facebook from people with no information which I had just mentioned in my blog earlier. well we all talked about it and it seems we all feel the same. We are not going to approve someone we don’t know and have no information on so please if you want to send a friends request send me a message and let me know a little about you so I don’t have to feel bad for rejecting you and you don’t feel bad about being rejected. I had a great time talking with Lilly and hope she can get out more now.

Michele and Petra also made it tonight. Petra talked Michele into going to Diva Las Vegas with her this year so we have 5 for sure going. I think the cost will keep some of the other girls from going this year as room rates are way to high because of March Madness, if you stay Sunday through Friday night, 6 nights you are looking at $1,100 or more for a basic room with all the fee. Yes all the hotels now charge a resort fee on top of their room rates so they can lie to you with cheaper rates and then stick it to you at the end. some are only $15 but Caesars which is in Bankruptcy now has started charging $25 per night or more depending on the hotel. what a rip off, for this you get free local phone calls, something they never charged for before plus who doesn’t have a cell phone. Free wi-fi, who is sitting in their room on a computer plus almost everyone has a data plan on their phone. Can you tell I am a little unhappy about this. Well enough of the bad I am still looking forward to Diva Las Vegas.

Dee also showed up, she changed her girl name from Jackie when she moved from Bend. She is retired and traveling now and is in Portland for a week. She bought a travel trailer and is going to travel around the country which will be fun. she is also planning on being in the Las Vegas area during Diva Las Vegas. Roxy also made it out tonight so we had a pretty good turnout

Morgan also showed up and I am not sure how long it has been since I have seen her so it was really nice. Morgan and her partner have done the Karaoke at the Halloween party for several years but this last one they couldn’t make so it may have been a year or more since we have talked. it was nice to get to talk with her and get to know her better one of the good things about smaller groups.

Karaoke started and of course Chris and Morgan both sang and did great. it was a really fun night but as always it must come to an end. It was almost midnight and it was just Morgan and me left from our group, Morgan had one more song to sing. after she sang we were going to call it a night. Morgan left and I went up and paid my bill. Well Michelle from the other group was singing and I liked the song so I sat down and listened to her and next Was Jessica who I have also got to know from their group so I stayed for her song.

I got up to leave and the man at the next table called me over to talk. Well he told me how beautiful I was which was nice as what girl doesn’t like to hear that. I thanked him and I could see where this was going but before I could say anything he asked me if I would like to go out sometime. Wow now I have had men hint at it before but this is the first time I have actually been asked out. What a boost to my ego, but the simple fact is I am nit at all interested in or attracted to men. after all I think one of the reasons I try so hard to look as pretty as possible is I really love the feminine look. I thanked him for such a wonderful compliment but explained to him I was not at all interested in men. I think he took it well as I was as honest and open about it as I could be. he wished me a goodnight and I was on my way out to the car.

now the one bad thing is when I left this morning it was sunny out and warm as it actually got up to 60 today so I didn’t think to bring my wrap. well it was now about 35 out and cold so till I got my car warm I was cold but it was still a wonderful day.

Thanks for reading.


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