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Finally time to get out and get a manicure and pedicure.

Well I finally had time to go and get a manicure and pedicure tonight. It is funny as I had planned to go every 4 to 5 weeks and that just didn’t seem to work out this time as I was looking back on my blog and it has been 8 weeks since I got my last one. I called Dream nails as soon as I got home and was able to get an appointment for 5:30 which was plenty of time as it literally takes me less than 5 minutes to get there. I started getting ready about 3:45 and I was ready to go by 5 pm so I had a little time to kill so I watched a little news.

I got to Dream nails right at 5:30 and went in. Anna the lady who did my nails last time was sitting by the door and greeted me which always make you feel welcome. I was hoping she would be doing my nails again tonight as she did a fabulous job last time and was very pleasant. Well it turns out if they take appointments in turn unless you make it with a specific nail person so I got a male nail tech who was going to do my nails tonight. Now it is funny as my first thought was not the man and then I thought wow that is not right for me to judge him just for being a man. So I went over and sat in the chair and put my feet in the water and he started working on my feet.

Pedicures are so relaxing and feel so wonderful, if you have never gotten one you really should. They massage your feet and calf muscles and then rub in lotions and oils till your skin is silky smooth. Now he did a really good job but it never really spoke to me and I wondered if he was unsure of me or not sure what to say so that was a little bit of a disappointment but I guess I could have tried to start a conversation also and didn’t so I guess I really can’t fault him for that. There were a couple other ladies that came in but they just got manicures.

Now with my toes done we moved over to the manicure table and he started on my fingers. Manicures are nice but the point of a manicure is to get your fingers looking pretty, pedicures are for relaxing and of course getting your toes pretty. Well it turns out I have tomorrow off work as I have to work Sunday so I went ahead and had the same bright red polish put on my fingers. They look so cute and he actually shaped them a little which made them look so much better even though they are short. He really did do a nice job on my nails.

Well while I sat and let the polish dry I talked a little win Anna, it is funny I probably talked more with her in the 15 minute my nails were drying, she is really nice. I will have to remember to ask for her next time when I get my nails done. I am thinking I will get a manicure and pedicure in 6 weeks as that would be about a week before I leave for Diva Las Vegas and then I will make an appointment to with her to get my acrylic nails the night before we leave. That way my toes will look awesome for the trip also.

Well it was about 6:45 when I left, Anna got my keys out of my purse for me so I wouldn’t mess up my nails and told me to come back soon which made me feel good as a matter of fact the other lady there and even the man who did my nails thanked me for coming in and wished me a nice evening. It was a fun time and my fingers look awesome. It will be sad to have to remove the nail polish, too bad I can’t keep it.

Well as I was not ready to go home yet I drove out to Starbuck’s and that is where I am not. They weren’t really busy and when I got up to the counter to order the man behind the counter asked me what I wanted tonight and called me by my female name Susan which took me by surprise as I didn’t remember telling him my name but then I realized I always pay with my Susan credit card and he must have remembered my name from that, how awesome is that. Having a nice hot drink and chatting with some friends on face book, catching up on e-mails and of course updating my blog. What a wonderful evening it has been. The simple joys of being a girl.

Tomorrow as I have the day off I think I will go out and maybe do a little shopping in the morning and early afternoon. Then of course Friday night I will be going out with my friends. What a wonderful start to a weekend.

Thanks for reading.

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