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Staring my weekend off right on a Friday night with friends.

Well this has been a long and busy week so I am really looking forward to tonight and spending time with my friends. it is so amazing how just thinking about time as Susan can have such a calming affect on me. well I got off work a little early so I figured why not go out early. this is always great as it allows me more time to get ready and to enjoy myself. it is funny as I so enjoy the whole transformation process from the shower and shaving to the moisturizing, the doing my makeup and finally the picking out of my outfit for the night. I actually spent almost 2 hours getting ready tonight and although I would like to think the extra time made me look that much better I no it didn’t but on the inside it did as I enjoyed ever moment. everyone should find something in their lives that they love to do and then make time at least once a week to do it, the world would be a much happier place I think. my tip for the day.

I was on my way by a little after 6 which is probably the earliest I have been out on a Friday in a long time. I have gotten in the habit of taking my computer now o Friday nights as it is a little slower to start at Sweethome so I can catch up on e-mails and Facebook friends. I got there and the parking lot was full so I had to park on the street. now there was a spot just out of the driveway and I have parked here many times but tonight I briefly thought about parking up the street as this is the same way I had parked earlier in the week when my car was hit. well I still parked there but I did think about it a couple times throughout the evening.

Chris was the only one there from our group so far as he gets here about 5:30 so I joined him and as he was on his computer I got mine out too. of course Chris wanted to hear about my car and how it got wrecked so we talked as we both played on our computers.

Jolene showed up in boy mode, she still has not really dressed up even at home as she is just discovering Jolene and her other self. she has had these feelings for years but has never really acted on them. she is now trying to understand them and how they fit into her life. this can be a hard and scary thing to be going through so I am glad she has found our group. The one thing I know well about the gender community and I am doing my best to explain to her is that transgender are a wide and varied group and we all have similarities and differences and what is right for one may not be right for someone else and she needs to figure out what is right for herself. it took me many years to really understand who I am, who Susan is and who my male self is and how they all fit together to make one complete person. As with any social group there can be pressure to lean one way or another to fit in, well maybe fit in is a bad choice of words but we all like to feel we are not alone and others share are values and needs so if you are the same as me then we are both okay. I hope this makes sense. the one thing we all need is to be who we are and not let others make that decision for us.

I could tell Jolene was a little nervous so I did my best to make her feel welcome. I introduced her to everyone as they came in. we also got a chance to talk some more and I found out more about her, she is going through a lot right now as her wife found out about her feelings and it did not go well. I think that is why she reached out to me through my blog.

Cristine showed up and we were all talking, Cassandra will be out Wednesday night for dinner, the group is doing Chinese food that night. Cassandra has not been able to get out for almost 2 months and we are all sure she is going through withdrawals over it. Any way as busy as she and Peggy have been they don’t have time to do a Super Bowl Party this year so we are talking about meeting at Sweethome for the game. we also got talking about Petra and Michele as we have not seen them for a while. well just as we were talking I looked up and they walked through the door. It was nice to see them again. Roxy also showed up for a little while so we had an okay group for the night. the bar was really busy though and Levi was behind the bar tonight again.

Craig from the Karaoke group got the Karaoke stuff out early tonight bit it was because he wanted to play some music videos and some of them were well shall we say interesting. Karaoke started about 9:30 and Jolene stayed late enough to hear some of the singers. It was a fun night and it was sad to see it come to an end.

Chris and I were the last of our group to leave. We paid our bills and it was a little before midnight when we left. now I am writing my blog and I am trying a new program called Windows Live Writer, I can’t seem to get my Word program to connect to my blog anymore. I and not sure about this programs yet, it is not as easy and straight forward as Word but it does have a lot of extra features as it is designed for blogging and it appears I have full access to my blog including comets and previews so that is cool.

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