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End of the week fun

Well another busy week is over and time for Susan to get out and have some fun. It is amazing how much I need and look forward to my Susan time. Some people exercise, some do yoga or mediation or any one of a 100 things to relax and relieve stress and for me and many other crossdressers it is as simple as dressing up and when we can’t for one reason or another it is hard on us. But all this would be taken care of with a few hours as Susan tonight.

I started getting ready and I could just feel myself relaxing, I spent about 2 hours from the time I got into the shower till I was ready to walk out the door and enjoyed every minute. I was getting dressed and I knew what dress I was going to wear but when I got it out of the closet it just didn’t feel right so I selected one of my newer black dresses. It is a little short when I sit but very cute. It is amazing the thought I put into what I will wear as Susan and how often I change my mind. For example Saturday I am going to my favorite Starbucks for a couple hours, a new girl named Jolene contacted me and wants to talk and we have e-mailed back and forth for a couple weeks now. She is just starting out and has never gone out as a matter of fact she will not be dressed when we meet. But I have still gone back and forth over what I should wear. As a guy I would wear jeans and a tee shirt but this is Susan and she likes to always look nice. So any way back to tonight, I had my cute dress on and was on my way by 6:15. Traffic was lite for a Friday night so I was to Sweethome by 6:30 and of course being early I found a parking spot right in front.

Chris and Cassie were inside, Cassie in boy mode. I joined them at the table and broke out my computer as I had some e-mails I really needed to catch up on, yes my male life had been so busy this week I even put off a lot of online stuff Susan does during the week us a few things my male side had also put off. It wasn’t long and Cristine joined us. The 4 of us sat and talked well Chris played some pool also and of course we ordered dinner and ate as I was hungry as I skipped lunch today so I could get out early as Susan. We had a nice time.

Julie showed up which was a nice surprise, she doesn’t get out often on Friday nights but her girlfriend Trixie was out of town and what is a girl to do when she has a free night, she goes out for a girls night out. It was great to see her again. Victoria also made it tonight which was awesome. Now we were all crowded around one table which was cozy but with all the music and noise in the bar it was hard to talk with Julie and Victoria so I went around to the other side of the table and pulled up a stool so I could talk with them. Well remember my saying my dress was a little short when I sit well it’s not bad when you are sitting at a table but now I was sitting out away from the table facing the bar and I was quite aware of how short my dress was and had to keep pulling it down and making sure to keep my legs closed, things guys don’t normally worry about. It was great talking with them for a while. Roxy even showed up for a while so we had 7 of us there.

Several of the girls from the other group, the Karaoke group came over and talked with us, Victoria, Michelle, Jessica, Shyrl and one I can’t remember her name. It is so wonderful that we are so accepted here. Well as it got later Cassie, Roxy and Victoria left which I was sad to see them leave but it did give me a chance to sit back at the table so I didn’t have to worry as much about my short dress.

Jodi was also there, she is one of the bar tenders but she doesn’t work on Friday nights so usually she leave early but she stayed quite late tonight so we got to talk with her, she is really awesome. Also Levi was back tending bar tonight. He use to bar tend here but quit when he got a different job. Well it turns out he quit that job and has a new job starting later in February so he will be back behind the bar for a few weeks which is great. He came around and gave every one hugs and he remembers everyone. Paul the owner is awesome and he really does have awesome people working for him.

Well Julie and I talked some more n everything from makeup yes she had to check out my eye makeup tonight which I think I did a good job on to Diva Las Vegas. We are both planning on going again this year as is Cassandra, Petra and a few others that are maybe’s right now. Diva Las Vegas is so much fun but this year they moved it up earlier to the end of March (March 22-27) which I think may have been a mistake. This is during March Madness and as such room rates are really high. Last year I think we paid about $400 to $450 for the 6 nights all total and this year we are looking at an average room rate of $100 t $130 per night with a $20 per night resort fee so it will be closer to $750 to $900 for the same week. I hope this doesn’t keep people away.

We also talked about our group and how we can get more people out, we are wondering why are numbers seem down and there could be a lot of factors. I mean it is the Holiday season and people are busy with family and friends and we did have several really active members move away the last year or so, It could be are members are feeling better about going out and don’t need the group support as much anymore. I mean when I first started going out the only place I went was where others would be and I would have the support of other t-girls. Now I feel comfortable enough to go shopping, Starbuck’s and pretty much any place I want so now my nights out with the group is more about seeing them then for the support. It could also be that we aren’t trying new things Friday nights and Wednesday nights are the same thing every week. Maybe we need to bring some new activities into the group. I am not saying we stop doing what we are but maybe tray some new things. Maybe a dinner out once a month or a movie night where we all go and see a movie. On Wednesday nights they are trying different places to eat to try and get more girls out maybe one Friday night a month we tray a new bar or club. Maybe we go to Sweethome on a Saturday night once in a while just try to mix it up a little. I will have to think about this and post something to the group. Oh there is one thing we are planning new. This summer the play Wicked is coming to the Keller Auditorium and we are planning on going. We have several going for sure and we hope to get a group of 10 to 15 or more and we are all going to dress up like witches and go. It will be so much fun. I am sure we will get some great pictures for this.

Well Julie played pool and lost to a guy who is pretty good plus the new table is a lot harder to play. Well it was my turn and I played a good game and in the end I made a couple good shots to win, well one of them he did help me on and told me how to hit the ball which was nice of him. So with ne game under my belt I played Julie and we had a good game and I won again so that was 2 games. Next up was Cristine and again I made some really good shot and won my 3rd game so Julie and I played one more game. It was a good game and at the end I had the 8 ball against the side rail and was across the table from it. I decided to try and cut the ball and run it up the rail into the corner pocket. Well I hit the ball just perfect and it slid right up the rail and just barely had enough speed to go in for the win or at least that is what I thought as the cue ball slowly rolled back to where I shot from creeping towards the side pocket. I did everything I could to will it to stop but it also had just enough speed to drop into the side pocket so I scratched on the 8 ball and lost but I had a fun time. By the way while I was playing pool one of the girls from the Karaoke group I think her name was Ann came over and told me how cute my dress was and I thanked her she also told me how good I always look which made my night as what girl doesn’t want to hear that.

It was finally down to just Cristine, Julie and I left from our group. It was almost 1 am when the 3 of us left and the bar was still packed. It was a good night and it was made special by the people and friends I was out with.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Hi Susan, I just had to tell you how much I LOVE your Blog dear !  I am an older CD from New Jersey and I also find being Robin VERY Liberating ! Huggs, Robin 

    Comment by Randall Schaaf | January 10, 2015 | Reply

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