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Starting off the New Year at Harvey’s Comedy Club

Well I am starting off 2015 going out. It is only January 3rd and Susan’s second time going out. It is Saturday night and our group the Rose City T-girls are going to Harvey’s Comedy club. We go to Harvey’s once a month to see a show and have been doing this for several years, it is always a fun night out. Tonight we had a smaller group just 9 of us but it would still be fun.

I started getting ready about 4:30 and I knew what dress I was going to wear, my black and gold one that I bought a couple months ago. The funny thing is as I am writing this blog I realized I also wore the same dress when I went to Harvey’s in November, opps. Any way as I knew the dress I was wearing I went online and googled eye makeup for a black and gold dress and found just the look I wanted and did my best to copy it. So I thought for a change I would try just a picture of my eyes. Wow close up my eyebrows don’t look that good but the eye shadow turned out pretty good. I also decided to trust google on lipstick and it said to go bold with red which was not going to be my first choice but I decided to go with the red as I really do love that color. So now with my makeup done the way I wanted it I was on my way to Fox & Hound to meet up with my friends before we went to Harvey’s.

I got downtown right at 7 and Jan and Laura were already at Fox & Hound, Lynn couldn’t make it as she was sick, Hope she feels better soon. The 3 of us sat at the bar and talked for a while and of course had some appetizers while we waited to see who else would show up. Petra and Michele showed up for dinner, they usually join us at Fox & Hound but never go to Harvey’s with us. Well with the group we now had we moved over to a table so we could all sit and talk.

Barb showed up and also Jenny, Jenny found our group through Laura. She also is not going to Harvey’s but has some time before she met her band for rehearsal so she came and hung out with us before we left for the show. It was great to see her as she is so much fun. We had a great time till about 8:30 and then it was time to walk to Harvey’s.

Now it was cold out tonight, upper 30’s and a slight breeze which made it seem colder. Now I did wear my high heeled boots as they are warmer but I was still in a dress so my legs were a little cold. It was still a nice walk as I really enjoy being able to walk around downtown, Laura, Jan, Barb and I had a nice walk talking the whole way.

We got to Harvey’s just before 9 and Cristine, Sophia, Lorna and Cassie were already there. We sat and talked some more as we waited for the 10 pm show. Kim our favorite waitress came out and talked with us for a little bit, she is always happy to see us, she is even a member of our group.

It was finally time to go into the show room and of course we had our table all reserved as Kim took care of us. The show started and it was really good as always. All 3 comedians were awesome but the headliner was the best, he did a lot of impressions and they were all really good. We all laughed so hard and had a great time. After the show the headliner came over to our table and talked with us for a while. It was a really great night.

The walk back to Fox & Hound where we parked was a little cold but we all had coats or wraps. We did pass a couple girls in short dresses and they had no coats and they looked cold, I guess when you are younger you can do that. Cristine even walked back with us as she had to wait for her ride and didn’t want to have to stand outside Harvey’s in ten cold so she had arranged for them to pick her up at Fox & hound. I didn’t go to Fox & Hound as it was late and I got to my car before we got all the way back and as it was after midnight it was time for this girl to go home. We all said our goodbyes and I was on my way. What a fun night it was.

Thanks for reading.


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