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A little Christmas shopping as Susan

I got home from work early and I was going to go and do some of my Christmas shopping and I thought to myself, why not go as Susan. It is funny as a few years back I was excited about shopping this time of year as I could buy stuff for Susan and people just thought I was getting gifts for a sister, girlfriend. It was an easy time to go shopping and buy girl things. Now I am comfortable enough to go out shopping as Susan so buying Susan stuff is a lot easier. Any way I needed to pick up a few more gifts for family and of course some Christmas cards so I decided it would be Susan that did my shopping for my family even if they will never know it. I did some of my Christmas shopping last year as Susan and so it was only fitting I do some this year also.

As I said I was home early so I started getting ready a little before 4 in hopes of being out by 5. It was just a few minutes before 5 when I left home and headed for Lloyd Center mall. We the one thing I hadn’t planned on was rush hour traffic. Now I got there about 5:30 and parked by Nordstrom’s and went in. it was pretty busy which I expected this time of year as Christmas is only a week away. I took a quick look at the cosmetic counter before walking into the mall. My first stop was Hallmark for my Christmas cards and I see I was not the only one who put this off till the last minutes. There were maybe 20 other people in here looking at cards. I needed cards for my Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister-in-law, and a couple nieces and of course to make it interesting I also needed a couple Birthday cards, yes this time of year is busy for gifts and cards. I spent about 20 minutes picking out just the right cards and then up to the cashier to pay. They had two working and 5 people in line so there I stood waiting for my turn. I finally got to the front of the line and paid for my cards and then it was out into the mall.

Now I was out into the mall and on my way down to Sears which is at the opposite end of the mall for a gift card, yes I have the Christmas shopping down, gift cards are the way to go as they can buy just what they need or want. I got to sears and looked around at the clothes but nothing really jumped out at me besides I was shopping for gifts for family. I got my gift card and then back into mall. I made a quick stop in the store that sells movies just to look. Didn’t see anything I wanted to buy so back into the mall and a quick stop at Torrid to mainly look at their bracelets as they have bigger sizes. They had some that fit but I didn’t like the style or look. Well that was enough so I walked back to Nordstrom’s and went got another gift card which finished my shopping here.

I walked out to my car and was on my way. The next stop was Target by the airport as I needed a couple gift cards from here for my nieces as they love Target. I walked around and looked at some of their clothing but again nothing I really wanted so as I was heading up to the cashiers I saw a bin of DVD movies and right on the top was the movie Mama Mia, it was actually a double pack and also had the movie It’s Complicated which I have never seen. But I love the movie Mama Mia and actually Peggy, Cassandra and I went and saw the play a couple weeks ago at the Keller in downtown Portland, yes we were both in male mode and it was really good. Well the movie was only $5 so there was no way I could pass it up, so with movie in hand I went up and bought it plus a couple gift cards. This finished my shopping for tonight.

It was about 7:30 and I didn’t want to rush straight home and as I am not far from my favorite Starbuck’s that would be my next stop for the evening and yes I kind of planned it if I had time as my computer is in the trunk of my car. I got there and got my normal Grande Hot Chocolate and sat down to catch up on some e-mails and a little work but mostly to surf the internet. There were maybe 10 other people here and this time I got one of the lower tables with chairs with backs a lot more comfortable. It was a great way to end an evening just relaxing with a warm drink. I will stay till they close at 9 and then I have to stop on my way home and get some gas in my car as I am almost on empty.

It was a fun night. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Hi Susan, nice to have lots of normal escapades as Susan! I would so love that you changed the gift tags on the presents, or changed the message in the cards to ~ Merry Christmas, Love from Susan” . That would put the cat amongst the pigeons! For a few years I bought and received presents for/ from my wife as Tina and if I was buying for her, I always tried to buy while dressed as Tina. It made the whole experience more complete. I hope you have a great Christmas xx

    Comment by TinaCortina | December 20, 2014 | Reply

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