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A little shopping and then to Starbucks

Well I noticed this morning I was almost completely out of my moisturizer and that is bad. I have been using it every day for years and it really helps and it is nothing fancy just Oil of Olay complete all day with SPF 15. I much prefer this to sunscreen as it is gentler on my face and doesn’t smell and it is cheaper. So I was going to go out and get some and when I got home today I was checking my e-mail and I got a coupon from ULTA for 20% off, yes I joined there reward club. Well I decided to go there and see if they had my one lip liner that I have been having trouble finding plus it was an excuse for Susan to get out for a few hours.

I left my house a little after 5 and drove to ULTA at Jantzen Beach. Now wouldn’t you know it as I pulled into the parking lot it started to pore now I could park right in front but I still waited a couple minutes to see if it let up and it didn’t so I quickly got out of the car and got under the awning and only slightly got wet. Well now I had the chance to look around the store, now if you have never shopped here it is one big cosmetic center like what you see in the department stores but they also carry the drugstore brands also.

I spent a little time looking around and no they did not have the lip liner in the color I wanted. I found my moisturizer and then went over to the nail polish section to look at the OPI polish as they also had a special on this, buy 2 get one free and I found a couple really pretty colors, a fuchsia and a bright red and I also got a mat top coat that I may try on my nails for everyday and see how it looks. And I also got a nail strengthener as my nails seem to be breaking more these days. Now as I was looking at the nail polish one of the ladies from the hair salon in the back came over and told me how nice my hair looked which made me feel good. I am sure she knew it was a wig but still made me feel good.

Well I went up to the checkout with my items and the lady at the counter asked for a phone number so instead of getting my rewards card out I just gave my phone number and then she asked if I found everything and called me by my name well my girl name. I paid and she thanked me for coming in and gave me a $5 coupon good next week and wished me a nice evening so I may have to go back again.

I got out side and it was raining even harder the when I got there so I again rushed to get in my car and I am sure it was not real ladylike the way I got in but it was dark and no one was around and I didn’t want to get any wetter than I had to. It was about 6:15 and I figured with traffic it would could make it to my favorite Starbucks by 7. Well to my amazement there was really no traffic eve with the heavy rain and so I was there by 6:30 so I would have a good 2 plus hours there.

Of course it was still raining hard but again I was able to park right in front so as quickly as I could I got out and went inside. There were maybe 8 other people here but no one in line so I went up to get a warm drink. The lady behind the counter asked me if I wanted my usually Grande Hot Chocolate and I said yes so even though I haven’t been coming here that often they still remember me. Now I sat at the long table in the middle of the store and got my computer out. Well this was not a good choice as it has stools with no backs and they are not comfortable but I stayed here as I didn’t want to move and possible make some of the people around me feel I was moving to avoid them. Funny how I thought about this. If I had been in one of the table with chairs and I saw someone get up from this table and move I would have probably thought wrongly it was they felt uneasy near me when it would most likely be the stools, so I stayed there. I only bring this up as we tend to think people look at us, judge us and avoid us and although that may happen it is not always what is going on. I will have to remember that in the future and remember to get a table with chairs with a back at least if I am going to be here for a longer period of time.

Well I had time tonight and so I started by catching up on some e-mails. It is so easy to overlook friends online and that is a shame and I know that is one of my weaknesses, I blame that on my male side. Any way tonight I had a chance to catch up on some of those. I also had some work I had to get done, it is funny to think I am doing some of my work as Susan and wonder what people at work would think if they knew. For me it is all about being out as Susan and so I don’t even mind the work plus I am able to focus a little more here as I don’t have the distractions I do at home you know the TV.

I have been sitting here and it has rained most of the time although it has slowed down right now so I thought briefly about leaving but they are still open for another 40 minutes so I will gamble the rain will taper off between now and 9 when I leave. It has been really stead with people coming and going here and always at least 8 to 10 people sitting at tables. I actually had a family sit at the other end of the table I am at, it is an 8 foot table with 10 stools around it. There were several other tables all with high stools so they could have sat someplace else but they sat at this table so they must not have been bothered by me but then I do look pretty cute tonight.

It was a fun night and I got most of my work done and caught up on a lot of e-mails so it was also a productive night as well made all the better being Susan.

Well thanks for reading

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