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Saturday night at Harvey’s Comedy Club

It is Saturday and our group the Rose City T-girls are going to Harvey’s Comedy Club tonight. Now I always look forward to this night as it is so much fun plus I bought several new dresses a while ago and I have been wearing one each month. It is funny as I have never gotten excited about wearing something new in my male wardrobe but as Susan I love the idea of wearing something new and I have actually been thinking about it for a week, it’s like a little kid with a new toy.

Now Cherie did e-mail me about a ride so I started getting ready a little early. She gave me her phone number so I could call her when I got to her hotel and she would come down. She wasn’t going to answer it so I didn’t get charged with an international call which when you think about it is funny as I would be right outside her hotel. I got to her hotel and pulled up out front and called the number only to find my cell plan wouldn’t let me call the number so I sent her an e-mail hoping she would get it. Now as I sat there one of the Valet’s came over to see if I needed anything and I just told him I was picking a friend up but now I got thinking, I really had no way other than the e-mail as I don’t know her real name or what room she was in, one of the secrets we all keep. Luckily Cherie did get my e-mail and she came down and we were off to Fox & Hound and as her hotel was not far from there we still got there at 7.

Laura was already there in a really cute red dress, she wasn’t on the list but I knew as in all the past times we have gone there is always someone that doesn’t show up for some reason so I knew we would have a ticket for her as we had reserved 14 tickets. Now I wasn’t sure how many would show up at Fox & Hound and how many would just go straight to Harvey’s. Jan and Lynn did show up also along with Michele and Petra, Michele and Petra only came for dinner at Fox & Hound and were not going to Harvey’s. I introduced Cherie to everyone and we all had a great time just talking and Cherie was doing really well for her second time out. She actually went shopping today and bought a couple new outfits of course she did go in boy mode but still good for her.

Well at 8:30 we all left and said goodbye to Michele and Petra and Jan, Lynn, Laura, Cherie and I all walked the 6 blocks to Harvey’s. Wow for Cherie’s second night out she was walking around downtown Portland how fun. We got to Harvey’s and Cristine was already there and she was the only one in the lounge but that didn’t last long, within 10 minutes the lounge was full. Sophia and Lorna showed up and of course we took some picture, this is Lynn, Jan, Cherie, me and Cristine.

Well at 9:15 I walked out and picked up our tickets for those that were here and as I walked back in Michelle was coming out the door as she must have gotten here just after I went out so she went out and got tickets for her and her friend Barb.

Cherie and I got in a conversation with a couple ladies and they were talking with Cherie about her earrings she was having trouble with and with me about my dress. The one lady really loved my dress and thought it was really cute which it was. It really is fun to talk like this with other woman and felt so normal. It is amazing how relaxed I have gotten as Susan and Cherie did a great job too as she seemed relaxed also.

Okay I have to have at least one picture of me in my new dress so here it is. It really is a cute dress. Well it was time to go in for the show and of course Kim our favorite waitress had our table all set up. It was great to see her again, she actually e-mailed me about joining or group. I had taken her picture back in July and gave her my e-mail address so she is now a member of the Rose City T-girls, yes our group allows non Transgender people. Although the majority of the members are transgender we do have some wives, girlfriends, admirers and just friends who support us, we really are a diverse group.

The show started and it was really good, all of the comedians were good. We always have a fun time here and the comedians are always good, some are better but we have never had a bad comedian here.

Now by the time the headliner came on stage there were two groups that were kind of loud, one behind us that were talking and not really watching the show but the worst one was a group of 24 right upfront by the stage that was there for a Christmas party and they were the same talking loud and not watching the show. The headliner twice tried to get them to quiet down by asking if they wanted to watch the show and be respectful or did they want him to just speak louder which he was willing to do. This didn’t make a difference and so the comedian did start speaking louder over them but there were times it was hard to hear. This is the first time that this has happened when we have been here and I don’t want this to be taken the wrong way as we still had a great time and this was just an unfortunate issue.

Berry the owner came over to our table after the show and apologized which he really didn’t need to do, turns out this group of 24 people had a bill of $2600 for their drinks during the show, no food as they ate in the restaurant here before the show and I am sure they had a drink or two with dinner so now we all know why they were loud and not watching the show and I am sure a few of them will be feeling this tomorrow when they get up.

As we were leaving the show outside we ran into the lady Cherie and I were talking to before the show and again she told me how cute my dress was and wanted to get a picture with us so we all posed and her friend took a couple pictures. It was a fun night as always and I am looking forward to January when we go again.

We all walked back to where we had parked by Fox & Hound. It was a fun night and I think Cherie enjoyed it all include the walking downtown. We said our goodbyes and I drove Cherie back to her hotel and we had a nice conversation on the way. It was really nice to meet her while she was here and although I may not see her again I hope we can keep in touch online.

Thanks for reading.

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