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First Friday of December

Well it has been another busy week and this weekend will be just as busy but I will get some Susan time in which I love. If you read my blog from yesterday you know I went and got a medi-pedi which I love, I

think I am going to try to do this every 4 to 6 weeks if I can work it into my schedule kind of my early new year’s resolution, that and exercising and yes the medi-pedi will be my reward for exercising as I hope that will keep me motivated. Well as I promised here are the pictures of my pedicure, not sure about the color as it looked a lot prettier in the bottle. Still a fun thing to do plus I know in 4 to 6 weeks I can have a different color.

Well I started getting ready tonight at 5. I had checked my e-mail and we had a member request to our group from a t-girl from Australia and it seems she is in town for the weekend and wanted to go out with the group as she found us on Google, wow computers are great. She has only been dressing for about a year and has never gone out in public. Well I sent her information on the group mainly that we do require a face picture so we know the people joining are real but I also included where the group would be tonight so she could join us and then I started getting ready as I wanted to take my time and enjoy becoming Susan.

I left my house at 6:20 and was on my way for a fun night. Chris and Samantha were already there when I got there and of course Chris was on his computer and I got mine out to check a few things and there was an e-mail from Cherie confirming it was Sweethome bar and grill so I replied back that was right and I was already there.

Kimberly also showed up which was a nice surprise as it has been almost a year since she has been out with the group. She is one of my friends I have known the longest as we met online I don’t know I think back in the late 1990’s but we only met for the first time maybe 3 or 4 years ago. Any way it was great to see her and talk.

Cherie did show up about 8 and even though it was her first time out she seemed like it was totally natural, wow I remember my first few times out I was so scared. She sat down and we had a good chance to talk, seems the only one who knows about her is her wife and she is okay with her although all she has seen are pictures. It is funny how her wife found out and I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing but her wife found a couple early selfies she took on her phone and I guess the pictures weren’t good enough to clearly see her face so her wife thought that she was cheating on her and confronted her so she came out about her crossdressing which is actually a cute story. As she is in town for a few days traveling for business she doesn’t have a car so she took a taxi here tonight so I offered to give her a ride back to her hotel.

Cristine showed up later than normal I guess and also Jamie Lee one of our newer members and even Roxie made a brief appearance on her way home from work so we had a nice little group her plus the Karaoke group was here and they had a good turnout so the bar was busy. Heather was also here tonight she is such a fun person, she is the little social butterfly of the karaoke group and always comes over and talks with us and of course we get hugs too which I love. I think greeting people with hugs is the best thing and it is a shame that men can’t feel free to give hugs like woman do, it is so natural for woman and it just makes you feel wonderful inside.

Well I was talking with Cherie about the group and if she wanted to join even though she will rarely get to Portland but she said yes so I took her picture for the group and of course that led to other pictures including this one of the two of us which she said I could share on my blog. I had Jamie lee take the picture, thanks Jamie. I had to remind her to hold the camera up as I have learned over the years that for me and I think a lot of crossdressers the pictures just look better if the camera is higher than you and has a downward angle, it softens the look and helps minimize the larger facial features.

It is so cool we have the internet now as we really can meet wonderful people from all over the world and sometimes you actually get to meet them in person but even if you don’t I think the friendships we form even online are just as important. I have a couple friend in Europe that we met through our WordPress blogs, Tina Cortina and Anna Arendt and although they don’t blog much anymore we are also friends on Facebook and keep up with each other that way. I may not know their real names but that really doesn’t matter as they are just as real as they are as any of my friends. The internet has allowed us the ability to do so many wonderful things and as long as you use good judgment it can be an awesome tool. The first person I ever really met many years ago was Alice and we connected through e-mail and that is how I started going out as she would e-mail me when she was in town so I knew I would not be alone going out. S to all my friends out there online, I know I may not chat, talk or comment on your blog or Facebook page or even e-mail you often but you are all important to me and each one of you have touched my life in some way and helped make me who I am. Wow got a little of track here so back to my blog of Friday night.

While talking to Cherie and Kimberly I told them about going to Harvey’s Comedy club tomorrow and asked if they wanted to go. Cherie said yes and Kimberly said she did if she could talk her partner into it. Harvey’s is such a fun night and I still have a new dress I haven’t worn yet so that will be what I wear to Harvey’s. Cherie actually picked a great weekend to be in town and I think she will enjoy Harvey’s.

Karaoke started and Chris sang and did great as did everyone I mean really if you are willing to get up and sing in front of people you do great just for getting up. There were even some Christmas songs that were sung which by the way I love Christmas music. Well it was late and it was just Cherie and I left from our group so I went u and paid my bill. Michelle was at the bar and told me how cute my dress was and how good I looked in this color which I think I do. It is funny as I use to buy only black or really dark outfits as I thought they hid more but now I am buying a lot of colors as they are just more fun and so much prettier. Cherie and I were talking earlier about how woman’s clothes have so much more variety and styles and all you have to do is look at the awards shows and see what woman wear as opposed to the men.

Well I did give Cherie a ride back to her hotel which wasn’t that far accept for the fact they were doing work on the freeway and shut part of it down so I actually had to drive to the far side of Portland and then cut back through the city center but it gave us a chance to talk some more. I told her I would pick her up and drive to Fox & Hound tonight if she didn’t want to call a taxi and gave her my phone number to call me. It was a fun night and I am now looking forward to Saturday night and Harvey’s although my male side has things I have to do during the day so I will be rushing to get ready Saturday night but as I already know what dress I am wearing it should be easier.

Thanks for reading and have an awesome weekend.


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  1. Susan, always makes me feel good when you mention that I was the first that you met up with, although I know you had gone out alone several times like to Hooters.

    Comment by Alice Green | December 6, 2014 | Reply

    • Hi Alice,
      Yes I guess I had gone out a few times mostly around Halloween but you did have a big part in getting me to go out and feel more comfortable about it and myself and that is a big part of who I am now. 🙂

      Comment by susanmiller64 | December 9, 2014 | Reply

  2. Hi Susan, started to read about your beautiful toes and another glorious night out and lo and behold I get a mention. You are right no blog at the moment, and I have been stuck on blog number 97 for such a long time. I would like to have things to write about but Tina is still dormant at the moment. I can’t see it lasting for ever though, I will just have to reach my 100th blog! I always enjoy reading yours and you have managed a couple a week for so long you must be close to a thousand!! Keep writing, nice to read about Cherie of Australia in this one. Hugs TinaCortina x

    Comment by TinaCortina | December 8, 2014 | Reply

    • HI Tina,
      No I am only at 671 post now and it is hard to believe I have that many and at the rate I post about 100 a year I still have a few years to go but I still enjoy it although it does seem like a lot of my posts are pretty much the same but then my blog is mainly for me to record my going out as Susan. I still find it hard to believe that people follow my blog much less read it.
      Blogs are a wonderful thing as I have met some really nice people because of it some just on line and some in person but they (you) have all impacted my life in some way and even if you don’t blog I still keep up with you on Facebook.

      Comment by susanmiller64 | December 9, 2014 | Reply

  3. […] and found our group. Last December was her first time ever going out before and she met us at Sweet Home and the following night went to Harvey’s Comedy Club with us.  Well she is working again in […]

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