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Medi-Pedi tonight what a treat

Well I have needed to redo my toes for a while now and have not gotten around to it. Well I got home a little early enough today and I figured why not go to the nail salon and get a medi-pedi. Well thinking a head I called to see if I could get an appointment on such short notice. I called Dream nails which is only a few blocks from my house, I got my last pedicure here and loved it and they did such an awesome job. I called a little after 3:30 and they said they could get me in at 5:15, lucky they are close. I took the time and gave them my name and the lady replied “Hi Susan it has been a while which it has as it was in mid-September when I went and that was my first time. I figured it was my voice and the name that was the key.

Now that I had the appointment it was time to get ready so into the shower I went and of course I had to shave my legs and arms really well as they would be massaging them and I didn’t want any hair to ruin it. Well I got out of the shower and right onto doing my makeup and getting dressed. I was all ready by 4:45 which was something I had not planned on as it is so close to my house I had plenty of time so I sat down and watched the rest of the 4pm news. It was a couple minutes after 5 when I left my house and I was right it only took me 3 minutes to get there. I walked in at 5:05 and there was 2 ladies getting their nails done so I picked out a color for my toes called “The spy who loved me” by OPI. It is kind of a sparkly red color that I thought would be good for the Holidays and I was shown to a seat to soak my feet while I waited for them to finish the ladies they were doing. Well another nail tech came in right at 5:15 and she greeted me by name which made me feel good. Her name was Anna and she started on my feet. While she was removing what was left of the old nail polish she thanked me for the comment I left on Yelp after my last visit, wow they actually read it and remember it. Now she said they were really slow earlier today probably all the rain we had here. Well it wasn’t long after I got here that people started to show up and they got busy there were 2 ladies waiting now for the other two to finish up which they did and it wasn’t long after that that 3 other young ladies came in and all wanted pedicures. Looks like they will be working a little late tonight.

Anna finished with my toes and we went over to the manicure table and she started on my fingers. Now I was tempted to get the same red color but knew I would have to take it off tonight as I have to work tomorrow so I went with a clear coat. It was so relaxing and such a fun time. It was about 6:30 when I left, Anna asked if I wanted to set up an appointment for my next visit and I had to decline as with my schedule I couldn’t plan it out that far so she told me to call when I was ready for another pedicure or manicure.

Now it was only 6:30 and I thought about just going home but decided it was still early and I had time to go to Starbucks. Now the one I go to is about 20 minutes away so it took me a little while with traffic and the weather. I got there and they were a little busy but their new place across the street is twice as big so there was still plenty of room to sit. I got a warm drink as it is a little cold with bare feet. It’s about 41 out right now and of course till the nail polish dries completely I can’t put socks or shoes on so I have my flip flops on and they are not warm.

Well I spent about an hour surfing the net and catching up on my e-mails and a little work before starting my blog. Now the table I am at is not far from the counter people pick their drinks up at. So here I am sitting here working on my blog and I look up and standing about 10 feet from me are two ladies I know somewhat from well it is not important where I know them from so I just put my head back down and went back to my blog making sure I don’t look up and look them in their eyes. Well they got there drinks and went and sat in the chairs by the door about 15 feet from me and are talking. I wonder how long they will be here. Well they sat there for about 20 minutes talking before they left. They never really looked at me that much so I am sure they didn’t recognize me but then I kept my head down to my work on the computer.

It was after 8:30 when I left for home. It was a fun night and I so enjoyed my visit to the nail salon. I will get a picture tomorrow of m pretty toes to post in a later blog.

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