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Saturday night at Harvey’s Comedy Club, what a great way to start October.

Well it is Saturday night and our group’s night out at Harvey’s Comedy club. Now we had 14 sign up to go so a little smaller group than normal but it would still be fun. Now some of us meet at Fox & Hound first and as Cassandra would not be going tonight as she is running the Portland Marathon tomorrow and has to be up early I started getting ready at 4:30 as I wanted to be ready to leave by no later than 6 so I could be there by 6:30.

I was ready to leave a little before 6 and as it only take 25 minutes I was right on schedule or at least that is what I thought. Turns out they had a really bad accident on the freeway and it was shut down which I didn’t know and I got caught in it. Turns out it took me a little over an hour to get there so I got there right at 7, of course there is a bright side as because it was after 7 I didn’t have to pay for parking. Now I normally always find parking on Everett but they had a wedding going on down there so I had to park further down 2nd so I had a 2 block walk but it was a nice sunny day and I enjoyed it.

I got to Fox & Hound and I was the first one there so I got a drink. I also set Lynn a text about the freeway so she could find an alternative route. Cristine showed up so we got a table to wait for the rest of the girls that show up early. Lynn and barb both showed up so there were 4 of us now. We all had a drink and talked waiting to see if anyone else would show up. Well about 8:20 the 4 of us left and walked over to Harvey’s, it’s a 7 block walk but it was a nice warm night and a good night for a walk, plus I wore my boots with 3″ heels so walking was easy.

We got to Harvey’s about 8:30 and there were only a few other people there and only Jan from our group so we got a table to wait for the show. Jeanie, Amy, Sophie, and Lorna showed up so we were up to 9. Kim our favorite came out and talked with us and to see how many we had. I told her to plan on 10 as that is what it was looking like.

More people came in and soon it was packed in the lounge with people waiting for the late show. About 9:20 I walked out and got our tickets. Well it was finally time for us to go into the show room and for some reason it was really slow going in. there was one big group of about 25 they were trying to get together. Well we finally got in Kim came and got us and brought us through the line so we got to walk by everyone. It was great she was here tonight as she was off last month when we were here.

The show finally started and the MC for the night was actually really good. Now the Headliner tonight is Dante Rusciolli who we have seen before and the opening comedian is Rebekah Kochan, turns out Rebekah is Dante’s girlfriend. Well Rebekah was the first to perform and she was really good, well worth seeing. Dante was next and he was awesome as always. If you get a chance to see them you really should.

We had a great time and as always it went to fast and soon the show was over. Kim came over and sat and talked with us for a while which was really nice and of course gave us all hugs as we left. Well after the show we walked through the Lounge as Dante and Rebekah were out there celebrating as it was also Dante’s birthday weekend. As we walked in Rebekah came over and hugged us all and thanked us for coming and so did Dante which made us feel good. We ended up staying and talking with them for maybe 15 minutes. Rebekah told me how much she liked my hair and soon she was showing us some pictures of her from a movie she did where she wore a long red wig. It was just a really fun night.

Well we left and walked back towards Fox & Hound where we had parked, it was still nice out so I was enjoying the walk. We got back by Fox and Hound and said our goodbyes and I walked to my car, it is amazing how at ease I am walking around. As I was getting into my car another car with 2 guys in it pulled in nest to mine. I was started my car and looked over and they were waving at me so I waved back. The driver actually blew me a kiss. I just waved again and backed out and drove off but I was thinking. I have had guys hit on me before but that was in person and I am sure they knew I was a t-girl. Now it was dark here and I am sure they didn’t get a good enough look to tell that so I am thinking they thought I was a GG. If that is true I wonder what they would have thought had they found out.

It was a really fun night. Now I need to start thinking about Halloween which is less than a month away and I need to come up with a costume. Any way thanks for reading.

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Friday night out with friends the first Friday of October

Well it is the first Friday of October and I was ready for a fun night out as I worked a lot of extra hours this week. My goal was to get out early so I started getting ready a little before 5. I did my makeup and it looked good as I spent extra time on my eyes doing the Smokey eye look and it came out really good so I am getting better. I was all ready by 6:15 and out the door, now with leaving a little earlier I hit more traffic so I got to Sweethome about 6:40.

Chris and Cristine were both there already with their computers out so I got mine out too. The 3 of us chatted while we were each online doing things, I was catching up with e-mails and Facebook. It is funny as I went through some of my contacts and think back on them. Some I have never met in person and only know them by their female names and yet feel they are close friends. Some I have not seen in years and wonder how they are doing, the good and the bad about online friends, you can be friends with people you have never met from all over the world which is great but if you lose contact through the internet you can never find out what happened. I started going out because of a wonderful friend I made online named Alice in the early days of Susan she really helped me get out and meet people some of whom are my best friends now. I guess I just want to thank all the people in Susan’s life, you have all in some way big or small helped shape Susan into the young lady she is. I guess the biggest advice I can give to other t-girls out there is find some friends who will support you as that is what true happiness is. Well back to my Friday night out.

Now I have had men hit on me before and offer to buy me a drink which is the one part of being Susan I am not comfortable with as I have no interest in men but tonight I had the most straight forward man hit on me. he walked over and told me I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen which hast to make you feel great as what lady does not like to hear that especially after making the extra effort getting ready. I thanked him and told him as flattered as I was I was not interested trying to be polite. He then leaned in and whispered in my ear about himself and what he could do and well let’s just say things a lady would never repeat or put in a blog. I am sure I was turning red even under my makeup. I again thanked him but politely said I was not interested at which point he again told me how beautiful I was and then walked off. Now I know how woman feel sometimes.

Now we had one of our biggest nights out at Sweethome in a long time so I am going to just try and name them all at once and hope this poor blonde doesn’t forget anyone. Chris, Cristine, Cassandra, Jan, Lynn, Lilly, Petra, Michelle, Laura, Joan, Alicia, Robyn, & Victoria so we had at least 14 of us here.

Laura came up to Portland for a couple days as she had some vacation time and she is spending it as Laura, how fun is that. I am trying to talk her into going to Diva Las Vegas next year and she is seriously thinking about it. I think she would have a blast as every year we have gone has been so much fun. I got a chance to talk with her a lot tonight and learn more about her which is always a fun night.

Lilly also came out tonight by herself as her wife has to work early Saturday. It was nice to see her again. She is one of our newest members and this was her 3rd night out with the group. As with all of us her male life has interfered with her female side but that happens in life and we need to make adjustments as it is our male sides that allow us to enjoy and support our female side. Lilly, Laura and I talked for quite a while.

Now there was a girl at the bar with her boyfriend and she thought we were awesome and came over to get a picture with us. I bet she took at least 25 pictures with us on her phone and of curse f she was getting pictures with us I had to get one with her. She even had her boyfriend take some group pictures with all of us. She was trying to get a picture of her boyfriend with us and he was not too sure so I went over and put my arm around him so she could get a picture and he got a big smile on his face and turned a little red. She was really fun and we talked with her for a little while.

Alicia also made it out tonight, she has been really busy with her work and family so she has not been out in a while as the summer months keep her busy. I hope now that it is the fall things will slow down for her and she can get out more. Her wife is supportive but she has 2 kids which don’t know so she has to go to Victoria Sinclair’s over the Rainbow to dress before she come out, she would love to tell her children so she could just dress at home but that is a big step. By the way Over the Rainbow is a transgender service here in the Portland metro area that does transformations for transgender and they even have a bed and breakfast and storage spaces you can rent to keep your female stuff in and you can go there to change. It was nice to spend time with her again.

There were some girls and guys at the bar and Cassandra started talking to them at first but soon a few of them were talking to us and really curious about us. Like always you relate to people based on what you know, one of the girls thought we were all drag queens. We had a good conversation and explained the difference between the different groups in the transgender community which our group is really blessed with as we do have members from every part of the community so we are very diverse. The one was so cute as she would ask a question and always ad I am sorry I don’t want to offend you. Now this is how I feel and am sure most of our group feels the same. As long as you are sincere and honest and really interested in knowing about the transgender community I am not going to take offence if you word something wrong, this is how we learn. Now if you are doing it to be negative or put me down then I would. I realize that most people have never met a t-girl before and really have no idea about us and talking to them and answering questions is how we bridge this gap.

Well Karaoke started and we had a fun night, Chris and Lynn both sang, by 11:30 our group was getting smaller. I got a chance to talk with Joan a little, she is really a fun lady and always has a joke or two. It was about 12:30 and it was down to just Laura, Chris and I left from our group. We all paid our bills, while I was paying mine the one girl I had talked to earlier and answered questions was at the bar getting a drink, she even offered to buy me a drink which was sweet. She invited me to come join her and her table, she was here with her friend and their boyfriends all of whom we had talked to earlier. I thanked her but it was late and I had been up since 4 am and was really tired at this point so I told her maybe next time.

It was a really great night out so many friends and we talked with several people who had not met a t-girl before which always make the night good.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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